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Country United States
State California
City Santa Ana
Address P.O. Box 25380
Phone (888) 646-6926

SkinNoir Reviews

  • Jan 20, 2017

Paid 4.95 for a skin care product from an online ad for SklinNoir Trial.

Received product OK, no problem there, but a few weeks later, the problem began:

My credit card was charged $89.95 for nothing else I ever bought or agreed to.

The company, SkinRestorePro, never provided any information that additional

automatic billing(s) would occur.

Was the 4.95 purchase merely a ploy to get my credit card number???

Calling their toll-free customer service line to attempt resolving this matter

puts me on hold forever,so I gave up with that resolution approach.

(a recorded "experiencing high call volume" at 4:00 AM?)

  • Dec 30, 2016

Skin Noir trial size is a rip off. It leads you to believe that for a small shipping fee you can try this product. Then 14 days later they charges you $87.00 on your credit card automatically. It does not highlight that you will be charge the full amount if you do not cancel your subsciption with them in 14 days. They claim it is in the agreement you check off. Very missleading buisness practice!!

  • Dec 6, 2016

I saw a website on a legitimate television show offering a free 14-day trial for skinnoir anti-aging products, only cost was $4.95 shipping and handling.

I proceeded to order using my Iphone. I inadvertently clicked on a 3rd product, a vitamin c noir serum moisturizer and was unable to go back on the phone to delete it; no problem I thought, I'll just return it when I receive it.

Wrong!! I placed the order 6 days before having a scheduled inpatient surgery; I then stayed with family for another 10 days. When I got home, had the package in my mailbox. I then noticed charges for $222 on my Master Card!! These were $85.95, $89.95, $5.95, $.99, $4.95, and $34.97. I couldn't believe it, and called.

I first spoke with customer service rep Amanda who explained that they had sent me a 30-day supply, with 14 days to try it out. If I didn't cancel within the 14 days, I was then billed for everything! She said this is a contract you entered in to and there would be no refund. I tried to explain to her that I had never seen anything about getting a 30-day supply and that I would have had to cancel within 14 days......after a few times, she just hung up on me.

I called back and spoke with customer service rep Vanessa, and asked that she not hang up on me. She explained in her most assertive voice that the deal was as explained above....period. I asked several times to speak with a manager or supervisor and was told that they would only reiterate what she had said. Finally, she offered to take off 50%!

I then realized how arbitrary this all was and told her I was going to dispute this with my credit card company. She argued that they would charge me if a deicison was found in their (skinnoir) favor! I said I would take my chances. So I have filed a dispute with USAA Master Card. I am 73, and spent 30+ years in insurance sales and marketing, so I do understand contracts, but I never saw one. This company is absolutely awful. They should be dissolved.

  • Oct 25, 2016

I looked into this product when I saw an AD stating Ellen Degeneres approved it. (Big Lie) I ordered the "Free Trial" and waited. I never recieved an email confirming my purchase or anything that stated I would be charged full retail after 15 days! I received the product and was going to give it to my wife as a gift, which was more than 15 days away. On the 15th day I recieved an alert from my bank stating I was charged $89.95 and $85.95. I called the theives responsible for these charges and I was told that the stipulations were stated on the site.

This is B*******! I asked to return the product un-opened for a refund and was told they couldn't do it. I threated to get a Lawyer and was told they could give me a partial refund. I took it because I figured something is better than nothing. Now I wish I would have kept threatening them. They also just sent me more crap. Today I recieved a package that had Flawless Garcinia and Flawless African Mango bottles in it. I did some research and come to find out that they were sent from the SAME company!! If I see a charged for these on my account I am going to flip! Do not buy anything from this company! You've been warned!

  • Oct 24, 2016

I signed up for a TRIAL sample of their eye cream and was required to pay for shipping and handling using my credit card. In the SMALL print, indecenable print not noticeable, they told me when I called, that there was a 14-day cancellation or they would continue to charge me and deliver monthly products. I did not see the 14-day "policy" and sicerely doubt it was noticable, and now they sent me another jar that I do not want. It doesn't even do what they claimed.!

Please do not do business with this company that conducts deceptive "advertizing"!

  • Oct 22, 2016

I kept getting a pop up ad on yahoo for free trial of a skin cream. It stated free, only pay to ship. After entering all shipping information, it requires a credit card to 'charge for shipping'. Then, a screen pops up indicating that an eye serum is also added. You cannot back out of this screen. Additional shipping charges apply, but you don't see this until after the order is placed.

As if that's not bad enough, the company charged my credit card for the shipping on each item (4.95 and 5.95 respectively), as well as a misc .99 charge. Then also charged my credit card 14 days later the full price of each item (84.95 and 89.95 respectively). These prices were no where on the website at the time of the pop up ad 'click here' on yahoo.

When i called the company - the phone number was on my credit card bill - they said that the fine print 'clearly states' that i agreed to be charged for the product if I didn't cancel in 14 days. They will not refund. The customer service rep read from a script - which means this is a regular call.

Further, these terms and conditions appeared in very fine print as a small pop up screen. Further, the product created an adverse reaction on my face - adding insult to injury! As I went back online to find others' experiences with this company, I read repeatedly about situations exactly as I report. I hope this helps others.

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