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Country Canada
City Don Mills, Ontario
Address PO BOX 10174, 70 Wynford Dr,
Phone 855-791-1899

SkinEndear Reviews

  • Jan 9, 2018

Please help me get my $9000 back from Skin And eye endear. Never knew nothing about opting out in 14 days. I am disabled and living on a fixed income.qnd need my money back and as I called today 1/6/18 they took more money out of my account. Please help me get my money back.

  • Dec 23, 2017

After receiving my skin endear I tried it for about 2 weeks. I called the company to cancel my order but was told that I was too late to cancel. They charged my bank amount $87.00 without my consent.

After many phone calls to this company and no help at all I knew what I had to do. Finally I called my State Attorney General's office to make a complaint. I was told to call the scam company and tell them that the AG's office would be opening an investigation on them. When I did call the company back to inform them of my intention I received a full refund the very next day in my bank account.

Please be very aware of who you are buying products from. I have all of the company sites for antiaging products listed in the title of this report. Look at each one of them then you'll see what this company does. It should be illegal.

Be careful and investigate these sites.

  • Sep 7, 2017

I was told I won something, n was able to choose what o wanted to try, I unfortunately chose eye endear, for $1 and could cancel at mo charge within 30 days, I received 6 days later a box with eye endear AND skin endear, so I called to cancel AND dispute the skin endear, I was charged $90! I called and asked why I was charged, they said I didn't give it time to let the product work, doesn't matter, I had within 30 days, they said give it 45 days and they'll give me my $90 so I said fine, and exactly 45 days later I cancelled. $90 was taken. 2 months later, another box came, another $90 taken, I called and it clearly stated my account was closed. 2 months later, u got it, ANOTHER BOX OF CREAMS!! And another $90! I returned the box and 2 months later no box but $50 out of my account!!!! I'm disputing all these withdrawals from my account and am about to get an attorney and Sue these crooks! BUYER BEWARE!!! SCAM! RIP OFF! BTW... the cream sucks! I don't even have many wrinkles...n still...see no change!

  • Sep 4, 2017

First, when you order they give additional offers like the eye cream. Lulled with the low price, I bought it. Now like the usual online websites, their terms and conditions are so long and little font, technical terms, ete, etc. Cut the story short, I orderd the cream and the eye cream for my in law and for me. Unfortunately, it didn't match with my sensitive skin and my in law's as well. So I opted cancelling it. I made sure that I cancelled my subscription. After , another package of the anti aging cream worth 94$ came. I called the customer service number, dialed a couple times before somebody picked up the phone. The representative was insisting that I did cancel one time but I only cancelled the eye cream. I understand that COMMON SENSE is not COMMON but why should I have cancelled my subscription if i will only cancel the eye cream which in the first place was only a rider of the main product.

FUNNY! It's COMMON SENSE. I cancelled because I cancelled the main product, the anti aging cream, not the eye cream which is only a rider.

THIS IS TOTAL SCAM and the WORST PART, the cream is NON RETURNABLE and they kept on insisting that it is in the TERMS and CONDITIONS. HEck the terms and conditions. Your product didnt satisy me. Walmart even accepts returns without questions. And the product was still in the box , sealed. So I guess I will return to the post office and say I refuse to accept it and dispute it in my bank. So if this happens to you , and you see a box from the post man from skin endear and you know you cancelled , refuse it so they return to the sender because accdg to customer service, it is non returnable. SO SAD. Every dollar is worth somebody else's sweat , so why rip off somebody who's working hard to earn to be able to buy a product that can satisfy them ! SCAM SCAM SCAM!!!

  • Aug 5, 2017

After answering questions on a Penney's survey, I was offered several different "free prizes" by paying shipping fee only. I chose the Skin Endear lotion and eye cream - and received it promptly. (supposedly used by Angelina Joley).

One month later, I received another shipment of the skin lotion and eye cream. My credit card had been charged an exorbinate fee by the company.

I called the company, telling them I would return the lotion and expected a refund. The operator, Quadranna, informed me that once products left the warehouse, they were unreturnable. I then asked to have my money refunded and unsolicted account cancelled. She said this was also impossible since I had not responded within the original 14 day trial period.

At this point, I asked to speak with her supervisor - and she hung up on me. I called back and spoke with Tykia. She also said the product was unreturnable, offered me a continuing subscription at one third off - and then fifty percent off. I declined both. She finally agreed to cancel my account, giving me a cancellation code number and promising a cancellation email.

Was J. C. Penneys aware this company was using their name to promote their product? If so, then I am highly disappointed in Penneys and reluctant to shop with them in the future. If they were not aware of this scam then they need to be made aware of it and take steps to stop the fraudulent use of their good name.

  • Aug 4, 2017

I saw an ad for SkinEndear advertising free pay shipping only for free sample. When I received a second shipment that

I did NOT request I called the company. I was told by NIKKI that they could not refund my money because they cannot

take this product back even though it has never been opened.

I told them I was recording our conversation and that I wanted to cancel any further orders immediately. I also

requested they send me an email stating they have cancelled my order. I did get a cancellation number from

Nikki which is the same number that is on the shipping label which is actually identified as the order number

on the latest order I recived and did not order.

I have NOT yet received an email as they promised. I will be monitoring my credit card and informing the credit card company not to accept anything from SkinEndear in the future.

  • Jul 28, 2017

I ordered a trial offer and was not happy with the product. When checking my bank statement I found where they are charging me $89.98 for the product. i called them and asked for them to cancel whatever they were trying to charge me for and was told they would refund me $37.98 only because my trial period was over. Will not recommend this to anyone. I feel I was being scamed.

  • Jul 8, 2017

My husband, very sweetly, bought me as a surprise some face cream and eye cream he had seen in an offer through Amazon. He told me it was $5 each. The next month, another pot of face cream and eye cream arrived. I thought it was a mistake but for $10 I wouldn't return. Next month, one cream arrived so I looked up his credit card charges and saw $91.90 and $94.90 per month - almost $200 for cream we didn't order. There were three months of charges - the first month fter the "shipping only" and 2 more months before we realised what was going in. Turns out that the free shipping offer was actually an auto-shipping scam. I use the word SCAM for 2 reasons: (i) who knowingly would buy a pot of face cream and eye cream every month when it likely lasts 6mths to a year, (ii) I went on to the website and it is not clear AT ALL that this is an auto-ship programme (iii) the real cost was not mentioned - we would never pay that much for skincare! I googled the brand and saw that many other people have been caught in this scam. I called to cancel - there is an automated cancellation programme so they know exactly what they are doing. I also cancelled my credit card so they cannot take any more charges.

  • Jul 7, 2017

I responded to an ad on Internet cover page. I clicked an article about Joel Osteen and the sucess of his wife Victoria's skin care products. Actually has nothing to do with Victoria Osteen, just a complete scam offering a FREE sample-- just pay shipping. I upgraded to try a sample of eye care cream, so paid 4.95 plus another 4.95. Huge mistake. I quickly received product. Thankfully, I kept ordering information because NOTHING was sent with the product. These people automatically set you up with auto-shipment.

I'm in the process of returning-- I was charged almost $9.00 for "canceling"-- lots of other crazy crap. I'm keeping tight records of everything.

Beware! Those of you trying to contact them, this is their phone and address. By the way, after calling once, they will block your number for future calls, so be prepare to have more than one phone.

P.O. Box 25380 Santa Anna, CA 92799. PHONE 800-797-1080

  • Jul 6, 2017

I ordered a free trail of skin endear as well as eye endear where in the website ga this product would work. So when the product didn't work I called to cancel got an automated system tell me to press 1 to cancel then proceed to say my card will be charged $38 and then cancelled. I was not only shocked but disgusted. So then I spoke to a representative and tells me I can only speak to a live person for my trial to be cancelled automated system will charge me. Then proceed to tell me they only give 10 days for me to try the product and 4 days for me to receive the product equals my 14 day trail. They will continue to charge my card until they get paid and also refused for me to send the product back. They refused to help and continue to repeat themselves this is a scam. Something needs to be done.

  • Jun 13, 2017

This company sells and advertises products via I ordered two free samples of their products from a site that was supposed to contain a link taking me to terms and conditions. I never so this link, and apparently the terms and conditions agree box was prechecked. I did not even know that I agreed to pay an exorbitant amount of money for a small box of eye cream if I did not cancel within 14 days. Another prrecked box was shipment insurance that I did not need but paid for. This company uses misleading techniques, their physical address is not indicated, and their practices are a classical example of ripoff and scam. I do not even know if their products are good or not as I have not opened them yet. They would not take them back. Stay away from this company!

  • Jun 12, 2017

It all began when I was on my phone looking at the news or something and a popup advertisement for a free sample of Angelina Jolie's skin Care line came up. It said free sample for only 5.95 for shipping. Nothing else. It said nothing else, nothing like you will be autoshipped something in the near future or any price that I was going to have to pay in the event that I was autoshipped something. There was no information. I clicked on the prompt for the free product then it immediately went to the next product it was pushing.

It would not let me out of the page without pressing on the next product obligation that was going to be another 4.95 I believe again (only for shipping and handling). I thought to myself, I didn't want this other product but I said what the hell, it's only 5 bucks, I'll try it (clearly still extremely unaware of any other type of charge that may be involved due to their lack of information).

It sent me to the page to put in my credit info still only for shipping and handling... and I waited however many days... and as I suspected I was sent both products, like I said, even though I was trying to avoid getting the second one. Inside the packaging was nothing but the product. No contact information. No notification that I was going to be recieving anything else. It wasn't that big of a deal... and I thought the whole ordeal was over. I was wrong!

I opened the box the eye cream was in and tried to pump it over and over to no avail! It would not come out! so, I unscrewed the top and dipped my finger in it to apply to my eye and it immediately was burning... and making me feel unconfortable so I cleaned it off. The other product seemed like low grade lotion to me, nothing better.

a number of weeks later I recieved two more packages!!! I thought to myself, what the hell is this? Why are they sending me this? Thinking they were trying to hustle me. Then I found the phone number on the side of the Jar and called it. When I called the phone number no human got on the phone, the computer asked if I wanted to cancel my subscription and I said yes... It recognized my phone number and obviously their computer thought that I had a subscription. They sent me a conformation email then still keep sending me more product.

I figured they had probably charged me something for the crap they had sent me, but I figured it was like 10 or 20 dollars possibly. When I went to check my credit card, I found out they had charged me a whopping 450!!! And the charges all varied for the very same product. They charged me between 89$ and 93$ for each jar/container. I am currently battling them through my credit card company to take off the charges.

This company does shady business and Angelina Jolie has her name on it. Shame. Money isn't the Most Important thing in the world. It's good to Have Morals! I feel horribly taken advantage of by her company.

What's really bad is that they jacked me on my child support card.

  • May 27, 2017

Skin endear is a rip off company they make it impossible to cancel keep charging my credit card It is not even true what they say about their product!

It is not worth even the $4.95 for shipping and handling i actually had a hard time to find a phone number to call them to cancel!

  • May 23, 2017

I received a special offer through CVS for a free trial for this product. The only thing that was allegedly required. NOPE. When accepting this "free trial" you are taken through multiple screens that look like they are taking you to the final page to accept the shipping charge.

Well that is not the case. Every screen you advance through to enter your credit card information is a page for a different product (free of course, just shipping costs), As you click to get to the shopping cart, you are agreeing to receive each separate product. It is not blatantly obvious either.

There are additional teeny tiny boxes for Shipping Insurance" that are checked and the print to uncheck them is so small that it appears you do not have a choice but to accept it. By the time you realize what you have just ordered, By the time you realize you don't want the shipping insurance, it's too late.

You reach the end page where your card information is to be entered. There is no indication you have ordered multiple items (that comes later after your card is charged). There is no shopping cart to remove the items you don't want (even if there was, you wouldn't know you had ordered them at this point)

After the credit card is purchased, you start receiving multiple emails from "Customer Service" for ALL of the items that you just ordered. Naturally you will want to cancel the extra items. I believe a reasonable person would reply to the email that contains the order number, requesting a cancellation. The email will have a canned response "Please call our Customer Service".

Ok, fine. If you are lucky enough to notice that each item has a different 855# (that all lead to the same place, by the way) you have to call each number to cancel each item. Herein lies the money making scheme for this company. This nefarious tactic is hidden.

When you call, you are asked to enter your phone number by an automated system. It leads you to the FIRST PROMPT in the recording. The recording says to "cancel your trial press 1" and of course you select one immediately. When you stay on the line to receive confirmation that your "free trial" has been cancelled, the confirmation immediately lets you know your card will be charged $36-$38 (per item), then your "membership" will be cancelled after you receive your first shipment.

Immediately you want to speak to someone and cancel the whole thing because by you had no intention of ordering any more than the first product. If you listen long enough, you will get the option to speak to an "agent". You'll be on hold so long you will get frustrated and call your credit card company, who at this point has likely flagged your card as "fraudulent charges".

That was not a sufficient enough for me. I called this Skin Scam Customer Service line again and parked myself on hold. I immediately got an agent, however, the line was so filled with static, I couldn't understand what she was saying at all. That of course will force you to call again and hold again. Is this part of the ploy? I don't know.

When you finally reach someone to reverse the charges, you are informed that the $36-38 charge is imposed because you "terminated your trial membersip early". I can assure you, you will have NO IDEA that you enrolled in a "trial membership". A normal person would think they just attempted to order a product for the cost of shipping alone. You will not only have the shipping charges billed to your card but the; .99 for shipping insurance per item (that appears mandatory) and the cancellation charges per item.

The Customer Service agent will act reluctant to reverse the charges because you "agreed" to the trial. You probably did but you had no idea. You thought you were getting a "trial"size item. You're not, you are enrolling in their membership. I'm sure the committment to enter a "membership" is buried within the order page somewhere and by clicking you are likely agreeing to join.

I know deception when I see it. This company has perfected the art of deception. I am certain most people will see the original item and the companion products and think "it's only $5.00 per item for shipping, why not"? People won't know that they just got hit for $36-38 each item until the statement comes in.

After arguing with the CS agent, I informed her she had two choices; refund my credit card or pay merchant fees and wait for me to dispute the charges. I was placed on hold so the CS agent could consult her manager. She returned to the call and informed me "they would reverse the charges".

Lastly, it is unclear why you are being charged $36-38. The recording implies that it is for the first delivery of the items you ordered. Customer Service will tell you it is because you cancelled your membership early and it's an "early termination fee". It's still unclear to me what the charge is for but either way it isn't obvious you are spending that amount of money on a "free trial" offer.

  • Apr 17, 2017

So I was signing into my bank account and I get a pop-up saying if you complete this survey that I wuold get a free gift and all I needed to do was pay a 4.95 shipping and handling fee The product was called Yen Skinender. Needless to say I never got the product and was charged 89.00 last month. I could not get in touch with the company. Yesterday I checked my account and guess what anther charge for 94.00 I did not authorize this nor did I sign up for this product I have never been to there web sight and now can't even find one for them I have been able to find a number they do not answer the phone (888-419-8549) What they are doing is fraud and they should be stopped and be made to pay for this criminally. the money they took from me was going towards my wedding cake now I can not get it. What they are doing is unfaire and are messing up allot of people financially.

  • Apr 12, 2017

Randomly on Facebook it appeared that Joel Osteens wife is giving away skin Endear for 4.95 s&h You will not be charged anymore but infact its a scam and now i have noway to contact the company and im being charged $95.95 every month Please help me I would never even think or dare to spend so much money on little creme which i never ordered

  • Apr 12, 2017

My Husband who suffers from Dementia was lurded to this company by manipulation. Offered No Price for item! $.99 cents to process for each item. $5.95 and $4.95 for Shipping! No mention of days of trial. Product was ordered 3-22 and shipped to Incorrect Address 3-23 from Buffalo, NY. Products show another address as Las Vegas, Nevada. Upon receipt of the merchandise yesterday because it was shipped to invalid address. I was shocked and mortified that they hit my bank account for $85.95and $89.95. Having no knowledge of this transaction I had to research with the bank. The company is so fraudulent they do not submit an invoice in the box. When I reported that the merchandise was sent to the incorrect address and that my Husband was ill and did not understand their disclosure policy. The Customer Service agent said You need to keep a closer eye on your Husband. Well, needless to say, I can not repeat what I said to the disrespectful Customer Service.

I have submitted the USPS tracking information to the Bank and the Attorney Generals office for their consideration. I will be returning to the bank tomorrow 4-6-17 to complete the second claim to this company. I am sorry my Husband is to ill to understand, but in the kindness of his heart he only could see that he was buying something that appeared inexpensive for his wife. This company prys on the weak and gullible. The old analogy " If it looks to good to be true, then it is!" It is so disappointing that a company can not stand on the merits and quality of their products, they have to mislead people. Truly sad!

  • Apr 11, 2017

HELP...I ordered a free trial of skin endear and found that they were charging a nearly $90.00 monthly auto-ship, not discused when ordered. But As I read the page I saw that I had 14 days to cancel, After a 2 day shipping period, thus giving me 16 days and it was the 14th day since order was placed.

They use many deseptive means of keeping you from a cancelation or return. They have their time stamps moved ahead on their computers, so things you do during business hours are posted as too late.They have some weird sound on their phones that makes it sound like a disconnected call. I was offered 50% off, but they charged the whole amount of $89.95. They have not sent the order either. They will not give a correct address for their 100% guarantee for any returns. They use deseptive advertising for this FREE trial, and even use many celebraties without permission. For me it was owned by Angelina Jolie.

  • Mar 31, 2017



  • Mar 25, 2017

This company sent me 2 samples that I paid Only Shipping for. 13 days later they chg'd my acct $85.95 and $89.95. When I called they were very very rude and told me I was suppose to cancel after 14 days. When I told her it had been Only 13 days. She said "too bad" and that they Do Not refund. When I told her I only had 2 small samples for the 2 chgs, she said "well that is all you get". This company is rude and a Huge Rip Off . Be careful Don't give a Debit Card! Don't order from them!

  • Mar 21, 2017

Thought I was getting a trial skin care product skin endearing for shipping 4.99?then noticed my bill was over 160.00 dollars forbtwo skin care items . There was no amount stating that amount for the product. Then they sent me more and charged me another 186.00 which I sent back with a tracking number on the 2/17/ 27 and still have not received a refund. I had to call my credit card company to dispute the charge because I could not get any info from the customer service reps. Its. clear they do not want to give me a refund and have no intention of refunding me back. This is complete fraud and very shady campany.

  • Mar 20, 2017

Hello. I guess when I saw "pay for shipping only 4.95" On a trial size of SkinEndear It was too good to be true! I ordered it online not realizing I gave this company my credit card to charge me 94.95 a month! The index card that it came with never mentioned I would have to return the trial size with in 14 days!" When a second jar arrived - Imagine my surprise! I called the customer service number and it was loud and noisy! I was told I was " enrolled monthly now and the trial size was charge 89.99 and now this jar would be also!" I stated please just stop the enrollment on this product. The CS rep tried to get me to " enroll in a less frequent" shipping of the product. That would be a cost of 60 something every other month. Of course, I declined. The CS rep did refund me only 33.95 to me cc and sent a confirmation email. I will be watching my bank statements. All I can say is this product does not work at all.

I wasn't delusional and did not expect miracles. I just wanted to try a Sample of it that is all. It is a shame because this rip off artist is living in some mansion and laughing at all us guilable fools! Please, Please do not be fooled into this scam. Skin Endear- you will not gain in the end !

  • Mar 7, 2017

I got a box in the mail, opened it, and there was a eye and face cream. It has just a thank you card for ordering with how to use it, when I should see results, and their customer service number. I didn't open or use the product because I never would use this product as I am a perfectly posh consultant and love my products. I tried to call the the number to figure out what this is, if it was a gift from someone, and more or less how I got this and how I get it back to them. I was on hold for over 30 min and it asked if I want a representative to call me back in the order in line so I didn't have to wait to press 1. I hit the number, left my name, and phone number, and never got a call back. I tried again and nothing. So we looked at our bank account and saw a charge for $1.00 pending and then another $1.00 pending from each the eye cream and face cream. We were really concerned, especially when no one was returning our calls and were afraid we were going to get hit with charges and this was a scam.

I planned to call again Monday and saw we were it with 170.00 charge total to our bank account putting us over drawn.

My mouth dropped! I called and someone came on right away. I explained to her that I have this unused product that I don't know where it came from or I got it. She was very rude, talked in circles, and kept saying, "So your telling you don't remember ordering this?!" I said, "I don't remember it because I never bought this!" She responded with, "So then what your telling me is this is fraud and someone else did this?" I said "Yes I guess so!" She said she wouldn't refund the money because the 14 day trial was up. I said it's pending and you're telling me you can't, or more or less you won't?" She was getting more and more rude with me. I started to get very upset and added my husband to our call, since he is the calm collected type, which she tried to tell us I could not add him to the conversation. I argued I give permission for him to hear, he is my husband, and it is on his account too so yes he can, which he did stay on with me. I explained to my husband what was going on. Then said I just wanted my money returned to my account, I will ship this unopened product in the same box it was sent to me in back to you, and I will call my bank and cancel my card.

She then stated I could not deal with my banks fraud dept. I had to go thru theirs! She also informed me I would be charged a fee to be transferred to their fraud dept. I argued I wasn't paying no fee. So because I got something I didn't order I was going to be charged for someone to handle this?! I said to just put the money in my account I will deal with the fraud dept thru my bank because I feel this is fraud and I also feel they are fraudulent in this. I explained how does a legit company send out a product with no sales reciept, no shipping charge form, and no info about this product that it was a trial etc. Then to never return my calls the 2 days before the trial is up but miraculously answer the day the charge is to my credit card. I said, "Had you called me when before this trial was up, we could of just cancelled and I could of called my bank and deactivated my card. I wouldn't even have to be going thru this." When I was connected to the fraud dept the man was just as rude.

He wouldn't listen to us. I told him this is crap, "now knowing this was a 14 day trial, if they would or called me back during that time I wouldn't be going thru this." He said, "if I did call they would have called me." I was so angry. I told them I got the proof I did call them." He then said, well we are a very busy company..." He went on to tell me the police will be contacted, anyone even my 4 and 9 year old could face jail time if we purchased the item on and on. He said everything we are both saying is being recorded. I said good I would like that sent to the police then too. I was so livid I was shaking! I have never been treated this way or had to go through so much in my life to get something that could be so easily fixed.

I told them to call the police then to investigate, because I will make sure they see all the reports I pulled from the BBB, rip off report, as well as show the police my unopened boxes never touched, the card it came with, the phone calls to prove I called them, and the box it came in that is still sitting on my desk. My husband was listening but got on and repeatedly said we want the charges put back on the card and we'll even ship the unopened product to you. We just need it put back. My husband on the other hand was calm as I just listened then. I couldn't speak I was so angry I couldn't think straight at this point. Then the man from the fraud dept hung up on us. My husband called the number back. My husband sat silent waiting for them to reply or start back the conversation. The person said they already looked at it and refunded it. However, we still do not see the refund, but I did call my bank and deactivate my card. If they do not I will have them open an up an investigation on the charges and this company.

  • Mar 7, 2017

I went on-line to order a trial product from Skinendear after hearing their advertisement on the radio for $4.95 shipping fee. They did not have specific information on their web page like actual cost after trial period, etc. Once you signed up they directed you to read the details of the agreement which was very long. Once you hit enter, they have you. Something didn't seem right, so I immediately called them. The rep didn't go over the terms of the agreement, instead they had attached an eye product for $5.95 shipping fee. I declined that offer. When I called to cancel, I was told it was 3 days over the 14 day trial period and I was being charged $98.00. Okay, I knew the product was not worth that price, so I was adamant in asking for a full refund of they stated they could only give me half a refund. I still wasn't statisfied, asked to speak to a higher authority. I didn't get anywhere with that, so I continued negotiating until she was willing to charge me $28.00. I still didn't think the product was worth that much, but decided to accept the offer when she stated "take this offer or nothing ". I learned not to buy anything without read everything. Any company offering 14 days to try it, is not worth the trouble to try it.

  • Feb 23, 2017

The product don't work the company said I will be charged 4.95 they charged me 4.95 plus 89.95 for skin endear and 5.95 plus 87.95 for eye endear after 14 days when they said I will only be charged the 4.95 plus the 5.95 all there customer service agents are rude Paul and agent hung up on me and was talking very sarcastic on the phone as well as another young lady today on the phone was very rude they said money back guarantee they did not give me my money back and refused to let me speak to an supervisor I am very disappointed with the product and customer service total ripoff don't waste your time they also said 30 days to see results and they charged me after 14 days

  • Feb 23, 2017

I ran across a gossip column about angolina Jolie, it redirected me to a product she supposedly makes called skin endear. The add said that she was so confident in this product that she was giving away a 30 day supply for free for just shipping and handling. A couple weeks later I got chrged $180 on my credit card. I called and they said I signed up for a free trial that would charge me if I didn't cancel within 14 days and would not give me my money back. It said nothing about the 14 days or a trial when I ordered it.

  • Feb 22, 2017

I ordered Endear skin cream free sample for $ 5.95 shipping. 2wks later there was $89.95 subtracted 2x for 2 different products. I called the company and told them I did not authorize the the payments to be taken from my acct. They reimbursed my acct. for $89.95 but I still had to pay for the other transaction of $89.95. I told them I wanted a full refund but they said they wouldn't do that.

  • Feb 20, 2017

I was supposed to only get a free sample of Anglenia Jolin's Skin Endear product. And just pay for shipping and handling. So then a thing came up to add to your cart. So I pressed that to go on. Well come to know they charged me $37 that day. Which was on Feb 5,2017, come to know on February 19,2017 I checked my balance I only had 31.10 in my account. So I had called my bank right away, they had given me two separate name's And two different numbers. So when I called these numbers they were both the same company. It was skin remake, And ICF. So they took out a total of $174.90 from my account. My bank canceled my account for that card. I never signed up for auto pay, when I ordered my free sample. They never said anything about that. I am very anger with skin endear, or Skin remake or ICF. What ever they want to call themselves.

  • Feb 18, 2017

I ordered the free trail where you only pay shipping. Then in the email they sent realized it was a auto ship program. I called right then before they even shipped the trial to cancel. They have me 14 days to mail it back and gave me an address in Canada North York don mills PO 70 wiond ford dr north York Ontario, Canada. Well I paid the 20 for international shipping and shipped it back. The people at that address will not take the package. And will not pay the brokerage fees for shipping from the us to canada. And of course I can't have the package sent back because it would cost like 45 dollars from Canada to the us. So I had to tell ups to just toss it. I called back and after screaming which I ever do I was able to get them to say they were not going to change me. I am however still canceling my card to make sure they can't. Worst experience ever

  • Feb 16, 2017

I ordered both the eye endear and the skin endear. After receiving them I felt them to be just cold cream so I called the number on my bank statement for the skin endear. Automated system. Said O wewas cancelled all was well. However it only cacelled the eye endear, which is a different phone number all together, they neglected to mention either of these facts. So i called the number on the eye endear charge. The same number. It told me I was already cancelled. The next month I was again charged for the skin endear and recievd another jar. I thought maybe my cacellation didn't get processed i time to process through their system, I did not receive the eye endear.

The next month I received it aga and was again charged. 94.90. I called the number on my bank syatetment again. Again the automated system told me I was already cancelled. So I spoke with a rep this time who told me that I had already cancelled the eye endear but not the skin endear. She then told me the number to cancel the eye endear was a number I didn't even have, ao why did calling the number for the skin endear cancel the eye endear? This is a shafy enterprise that needs to be sut down. The graciously offered to refund %50 of the last shipmnt. I asked for a supervisor. She offered75%. I then asked dor an address to write a complaint letter. Thn age offered a 100% refund on the last shipment but not the prior. I guess she didn't know you can get the addreess off of the internet.

  • Feb 14, 2017

Does not do what says it will. Company does not offer a money back guarantee if not satisfied. Now I know why I was never a fan of Jollie. PLEASE DONT BUY THIS PRODUCT THEY DO NOT STAND BEHIND THERE PRODUCT!!!!

Product sucks. The company does not stand behind there product.

  • Feb 4, 2017

Other skin care products at a discount. You have to be careful to click on the microscopic "no, thanks" and not just hit continue to checkout or else they will automatically bill your credit card This happens 2 more times and after clicking on no thanks twice it finally took me to checkout. About 30 seconds later my card was billed for an additional $5.95. I then called Skin Endear and they told me all they could do was extend the amount of time I could cancel after the free trial by 2 weeks.

Of course I immediately told them that I wanted to cancel now. I didn't need more time. I first read their add saying Phyllis McGraw, Dr. Phil's wife had created the beauty line. Then while reading another article online, they claimed Angelina Jolie created the company. Pure case of writing their own article about, inbthis case Angelina Jolie's divorce. So I'm sure there's numerous articles out there about several celebrities and the just insert a different name as who created the produ Ct line.

  • Jan 27, 2017

Skin Endear Company ad said just pay shipping and get to try the product. They added auto ship to my account. When I cancelled via email, they said, we need to call phone number to cancel. The product, i got was giving me allergic reaction,and is full of contaminants. A true RIPOFF is when they charged about 170.00 for cancelling their "Autoship" program New York Internet.

The product is of very inferior quality, Don't buy, they will charge,and you have to fight tooth and nail to get the money back.

  • Jan 27, 2017

I purchased what I thought was a free sample of Skin Endear anti-aging cream. It turned out to be a trial and an auto ship program. I called after I received it to cancel and was told that I needed to try it for 14 days and call on the 14th day to cancel to avoid return shipping charges. I called back on Christmas Day (the 14th day) to cancel and got a run around,but they listened to the previous taped conversation and said they would cancel the program and refund the $89.95 that they had already charged. Today I received another shipment so I called them back. I was told I had never called to cancel on December 25th (even though I have a record on my cellphone that shows a 10 min call to their number) They offered me a 75% discount on the 2 orders. But this is still costing me ~$50 for something I tried to cancel.) They told me I wouldn't win a dispute with the credit card company because I never called them. But I do have proof on my phone. Just beware. Don't order any of those free trial offers, they are too hard to get out of and a rip off. If you do, be sure to get a cancellation code number and name.

  • Jan 24, 2017

In an advertisement for Angelina Jolie's incredible anti-aging products, an anti-wrinkle cream and an eye serum were offered as 'Samples' for which you merely paid approximately $10.90 total for shipping.

  • Jan 19, 2017

Answered an ad for beauty cream for age defying. Supposedly for only shipping and handling of $4.95.

Guaranteed to make your skin look younger.

Nothing in the add about joining a club for additional shipments. Once the $89.95 showed up on my bank statement I called and was told it was in the statement I agreed to. I questioned this and was told to go to the a website with them and they would show it to me. The website was not the one I had ordered from. I had never seen the website. When I told the person on the phone I would report them to the better business bureau they were ready to hang up on me and not refund 75% of my money. I told the person that they had better refund all of my money. That I had not received the product.

They then gave me a tracking number saying that it had been delivered to my mail box. I told them it might have been delivered to a mail box but it wasn't mine. And that all of my money had better be refunded. Since I never paid the $4.95 I'm not sure how they got my information, but I still want my money back.

  • Jan 18, 2017

The box that I checked off says that you have agree to the terms and conditions but it does not list the terms and conditions right where the box is, you have to click on it and go over to another page to read it it's called bait and switch they should list where that is written that that you have to return within 14 days . Most people don't click on terms and conditions to read it because they know it's long and drawn out .

  • Jan 16, 2017

This company offers skin and eye care serum samples for a two week trial; charging shipping only. They charged me for one of the samples twice, and then charged an extra "Insurance" fee without notice. The products delivered more than a week from the date of order; they then charged me $89.95 for an auto-renewal; not readily seen on their trial order page. When I called to complain about not having enough time to evaluate the efficacy of their products before being automatically charged at day 14 from the order date, the CSR told me it was a legally binding agreement and that I had no recourse. Do not buy from this company! They are a total scam...

  • Dec 28, 2016

Skin Endear, and associated products like Eye Endear on the same website ad, says just pay shipping to get a "free trial" of their products. BEWARE!!! You are charged for each sample product, they are not free. Once they have your credit card number they sign you up for a "subscription" for which they charge between $85.95 and up for each sample that you already got "free". You don't actually receive anything for the next charges which may end up being over $170.00 in addition to the amount you already paid for your "free sample". I ordered the product, when it came in I challenged their additional $0.99 charge and was told all was well and not to worry. A short time after I was charged an additional amount totaling over $170.00 for nothing I had signed up for, nor received. I challenged this charge and I was told that I was signed up for a "subscription".

  • Nov 7, 2016

Skin Endear ad says just pay shipping to try a trial size of their product. I ordered the product, when it came in I found out I was set up on an "Auto Shipp" program. I called and cancelled the auto ship program and they charged me $38.71 for cancelling the program. This is a total RIPOFF Company. Do not try their product.

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