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Country United States
State California
City Santa Ana
Address P.O. Box 25380
Phone (888) 620-7456

SkinComplexRX Reviews

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  • Aug 20, 2016

SkincomplexRX or any of these products listed by a So Call Dr Oz is a total rip off. They draw you in with a free trial, then proceed to charge you for that Free Trial at a price that is way out of line for the tiny amount then send you. Even cancelling the product, they still charge you. The product does not work, nor do what it says it will do. They keep changing the name of the product too....beware beware. Don't buy that Free Trial at all.

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  • Jul 28, 2016

This company scams it's customers with a low cost trial offer and does not disclose the 14-day trial period at which time the customer is charged $85-90 for product that does NOT deliver on it's claims. The product dries out the skin, the exact opposite of what it claims. When calling for a refund due to poor product, the customer is met with rude customer service people from "icustomerservice" who talk over and interrupt the customer and refuse any kind of negotiation in refund. The customer is stuck wth a product that is useless and out a large sum of money. When asking to speak with a manager the customer will be told there is no manager, and after insisting on speaking with a manager will be put on perpetual hold when told a manager will be found. Calling back repeatedly results in the same rude treatment repeatedly with no results.

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  • Jan 23, 2017

This company tell one price and then they charge a much higher one not get this products the do not work like they said.

And the prices are so high, they do not tell you at front the real price.

Total scam.

[email protected]

  • Jul 25, 2016

Advertisement (don't recall where) linked product to Christie Brinkley and a $5 trial. I ordered without carefully reading Terms & Conditions. BIG MISTAKE!

If you don't cancel future shipments within 10 days of ordering + 4 shipping days, you are automatically set up on a monthly membership. In addition to the charges for the 2 products I ordered, each on a $5 trial, just 3 weeks later I was charged $89.95 PLUS $85.95.

I called 888-620-7456 to cancel all future shipments and an Auto-attendant answered. After choosing the cancellation option the Auto-attendant gave me a cancellation #. I then used the menu options to transfer to a Customer Service rep to ask if anything other than the trial shipment had been sent to me. The CSR told me only 1 of the 2 product memberships had been cancelled and that nothing more had been or would be shipped to me.

In other words...I WAS CHARGED AN ADDITIONAL $175.90 WITHOUT BEING SHIPPED ANY MORE PRODUCT! The CSR offered to cancel the other membership and give me a 35% "courtesy refund" ($30.08) on one of the products, telling me that was the best he could do. He recommended I call back to ask another CSR about getting another 35% "courtesy refund" on the other product. When I called back the second CSR said the system wouldn't allow her to issue a second refund.

(Even though I was pleased with the results from the trial, I no longer believe Christie Brinkley has anything to do with these products.)

  • Jul 1, 2016

When called company to question why they charged this amount without an ok they stated they had a tape but would not tell me how to investigate that or where to call. They offered a 50% discount then said we have a tape of you ok that. Then they offered 75% refund after I stated over and over I was going to work on finding out how to report the rip off. They all 5 had the same line and said it was our fault and they were not responsible. I know that one of the ladies posed as a customer service rep by one name and a supervisor by another name.

  • Jun 21, 2016

This company offered a $4.95 trial offer and then charged $89 and does not accept returns!! Never told me the cost! And the costs was out of line!! This is a scam !!!

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