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Skin Youth, LLC

Country United States
State California
City Santa Ana
Address P.O. Box 25380
Phone 800-311-6708

Skin Youth, LLC Reviews

  • Jun 1, 2018

After paying 4.95 On 3/22/18 for my FREE sample, I was shocked to see a charge for $89.95 on my credit card and I got no more product. Since I didn’t want the product, I assumed I was done, then the $89.95 charge on 4/5/18. Keep in mind no product. Then another charge on 5/4/18 for $94.90 stillno product. I want this nonsense to stop and refund my money for two charges that were never requested. I don’t like being scammed and it will never happen again.

being disabled, my money is precious and I need all I have. Please do the right thing for me and change your way of doing business .

  • Dec 30, 2017

We just noticed that our credit card has charges for 4 months. The name is different every time and the charges are sometimes the same amount, and sometimes a few pennies different. These charges are on my husbands Card and also charged on my card on the same statement.

  • Jun 16, 2017

Please do not use this company. I ordered samples from Skin of Youth on 4-12-17 and paid $5.95 for each of the skin product and eye serum. I received the samples that were sent USPS with proof of delivery to Skin of Youth. USPS delivery was 4-18-17. Never was I told that 30 days later I would be shipped a full size product without my order or request. I was billed $89.92 and I immediately declined the charge and closed my card. On 5-12-17 Skin of Youth sent the proof of delivery for the samples to my bank and the charge was again billed to me. I never received any product. I am having no luck with the company for restitution. Just note. They sent me an eight page contract that they say I agreed to. I never saw anything like this at time of order. They state that you only have 14 days to cancel. I never received this notification .

  • Apr 21, 2017

I ordered a trial size of cosmetics from Youth Revive Renew that totalled around $10 for cosmetic + shipping. I had over $90 charged to my credit card from them and on the same day, a charge from Skin Youth Frantastic showed up also for over $90. These people are crooks. Don't order anything from them. Now I will need to stop all charges through my credit card because they did not give any information about how to contact them. My credit card is working on how to stop the charges. Watch out for this group!

  • Jul 28, 2016

total rip off company

I let everyone I know this company is a fraud!!! TOTAL RIPOFF COMPANY

  • Apr 30, 2016


I ordered a trial sample. Next thing I knew I received three orders and billed over $500.00 in total. I returned the items, I'm still awaiting the refund to my account. After reading the previous complaints, I feel like one of the stool pigeons. Guess I can say good bye to any possibility of a refund.

  • Jan 11, 2016

Dr 0z. Skin Youth enhanced cream and eye serum had a commercial on tv. It stated to try 2 products would only cost shipping and handling. I received the 2 creams and then a additional bottle which I did not order but they charged my debit card. Today I come home and they have sent more product that I did not order. I will go to the bank Monday and see if they took from my account. I am still mad that they charged me for a product i did not order. the product does not work.

  • Dec 18, 2015

I ordered Skin Youth Serum and Skin Youth Eye Serum. I bought these products at the introductory price of approximately $5.95 each. Upon receipt, I immediately canceled. I was told I had to pay roughly $34.00 more in order to cancel. I reluctantly agreed. I double checked that BOTH products would be cancelled & was assured they both would be cancelled. Yesterday, I recieved another Skin Yourh Eye Serum. When I called today, I was told "the automated cancellation service will only cancel ONE of the products". I asked if I could send the product back & get a refund. I was told I would only get 15% of my money back.

Within a few moments, that amount went up to "25% refund". I asked if that was my best option. The gentleman said "let me check w/ my supervisor". Within several seconds, he returned and said he was authorized to reimburse me 50% (half) of my money. This works out to $42.99. That means I have to pay the same amount ($42.99) for a product I didn't want & had canceled. Not to mention the money I initially paid and the (approximately) $34.00 I paid when canceled the first time. I followed the instructions to a "T" and wound up paying close to $100. for 2 products that were falsely advertised at only $5.95 each!!

  • Dec 5, 2015

Misleading Skin Youth

I also thought I was purchasing the Skin Youth moisture cream and eye cream for $4.95. There was absolutely nothing that indicated I would be charged anything further nor any pricing. I received a second set of the items without any sales receipt so I had no idea what the charges would be. I called customer service and spoke with Marco who advised I was being charged $94.00 and $91.00 for the product. I advised the advertisement was deceiving and fraudulent. I advise he was to cancel the order immediately. Franco also stated he would give me 50% Off the recently sent product and put a credit on my card. Shame on them for taking advantage of people and shame on me for believing that something was to good to be true!LWZR

  • Dec 4, 2015

Today, Dicember the 3rd I received an e-mail for the bank where I'm told that there are two pending charge from CHENVEN*RADIANTEYE and from EUG*ULTRASKIN, one charge is for USD$85.97 and the other for USD$89.97.

Trying to look for those two company in the internet I found out that they are listed as ripoff companies. To late for me. A good lesson, so always find out about any product and company that offer the product.

I bought two products from the same companies one for USD$5.97 and the other for USD$4.97 and at that moment I thought they are afforable and why not to buy them for my wife, unfotunately at that moment I didn't know what was coming.

I bought these two product at a web site, that was advertising next to the inbox while I was checking for emails, but I'm sure that I didn't made any authorisation to buy aditional products.

In one of the boxes that I received there's a web site ( that I sure that I didn't visit when I bought the products, I did it today and in there there's a commintment that I'm positivility sure I never did.

I wrote to the bank asking not to pay for those two pending charges and I hope to be heard.

  • Dec 1, 2015

Began to order two samples(1) Skin cream and (1)Eye Serum to be delivered to NY. Decided not to complete order. I tried to cancel but could not find cancel. Exited the website before completing the order.

I received an Order Confirmation 521711 informing me the order had been shipped to CA

I called the number given 800-311-6708 to complain and cancel order

From 10/3/2015 till 11/28/2015

No package sample or otherwise was received.

I received a package from SkinYouth Eye Serium. The first shipment I received.

realized $188.85 had been billed to my acct. by OTA and SKI* called 888-550-3258. Told I ordered product given a tracking NO. per PO website product not received

Received a Refunded Order Notification for a partial

  • Nov 23, 2015

On 11/6 I viewed an ad on my cell phone from Skin Youth Enhanced in where they were promoting a mosturizer and offering a free trial bottle by only paying $4.97 for S&H. They also offered an eye cream with the same conditions (paying only S&H). I understood the trial period to be 30 days, however I cannot back this up because I never received the Email that they said they sent me on the day of the order.

Today, 11/22 I noticed two debits on my bank account from Skin Youth in the amounts of $85.97 and $89.97. I immediatly called them to find out why the charges. Rep Brandon informed me that the trial period was for 14 days. My immediate response was "But i haven't even had the product for 14 days." I confirmed this by printing off the USPS tracking which shows the product was delivered to me on 11/9 (it is now the 13th day of having possesion of the product). Brandon advised me that the 14 day trial period began on the day of the order. I told Brandon that I did not understand the agreement as he has explained. I requsted to speak to a supervisor and he refused me.

I kindly asked Brandon to forward a copy of the Email that was supposedly sent to me upon purchase of the products as I had not received an Email confirmation. He advised me that he was not able to do so as the Emails are auto-generated. I advised Brandon that I felt this was totally unfair and advised him that i would be reporting my transaction with Skin Youth to the Better Business Bureau and providing testimonials via social media. He then offered to refund me %50 of the charges.

I have since sent an Email to [email protected] requesting a full refund. I will also be sending a formail request for full refund in a letter format sent via US MAIL followed up with a report to the BBB accordingly.

To those reading this review: Buyer Beware!!

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