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Skin Youth Enhanced

Country United States
State California
City Santa Ana
Address P.O. Box 25380
Phone 800-734-5933

Skin Youth Enhanced Reviews

  • Mar 7, 2017

I am so angry about what this company did to me! I woke up this morning to check my credit card account and I see that $89.95 is gone from my account. I was in shock, as that's a huge charge for me. Apparently, when I saw a Facebook ad about this Skin Youth Cream and agreed to try it for only the shipping charge, I agreed to way more than that. They automatically debit your account after so many days of a "trial" period that I knew nothing about. I never saw the fine print or "terms and conditions" section that enrolled me in this ridiculous scam. Shame on them and shame on me. I was devastated as I'm not a wealthy woman and my account now has $8.00 in it; which has to last me two weeks 'til I get paid again. I called the company and they said they were not authorized to give me a refund at all, but as a "courtesy" they would refund me 35%. I had to take it as I have no money! They would not transfer me to any kind of supervisor to dispute this and try to get a full refund. BUYER BEWARE! Oh, and the man that I spoke with asked me how I was liking this cream. I told him I used it once and it broke me out and I never thought about the cream again. I offered to send it back but he said just keep it. I just wanted to share my story and hope that someone else will check here first before becoming a victim of this scam. I wish I had come here first.

  • Apr 7, 2016

I ordered a “trial’ product on December 18, 2015 and had fourteen (14) days to cancel bringing me to the date of January 1, 2016. I called prior to this date and requested a RMA for the trial products to be returned, as I found I did not care for them. I shipped back my first set of product with RMA #XXXX. This action was additionally supposed to cancel my subscription as discussed on the phone while obtaining the RMA# from the company.

Well, much to my dismay and disbelief, I find charges in the amount of $95 on my bank statement for the following months: January, February and March 2016. I called your company March 19, 2016 to inquire as to why I received these charges. I spoke with Omar who hung up on me when I requested to speak to a supervisor. I called back and Gwen also hung up on me after requesting to speak with her supervisor. I called back to get the representative named Tye who was helpful in providing the details necessary in order for me to research this situation and attempt to locate two months of product that was shipped to me that I never received. While I was on the phone with your agent Omar, I requested cancelation and apparently not only did he hang up on me, but he ALSO did not complete my request for cancelation of my account. Customer service agent Tye did complete my request and emailed me a copy of the cancelation which shows effective date of 03-18-2016. I searched around the house at the aforementioned shipping address and found the two boxes (bar code #60701405701) that the conpany had shipped to me for February and March 2016 in the bushes. January product was shipped back already to you with the aforementioned RMA# received by the company and thus should not have been ANY further billed charges.

I called to request a RMA# to ship back the two months product that I had found and the company REFUSED to provide me with a [email protected] I returned the product March 25, 2016 (usps tracking #XXXX). I requested via letter mailed March 19, 2016 (as well as placing a copy of the letter in the RETURNED product box mailed March 25th) and requested a FULL refund for all three monthly amounts charged; January, February and March, 2016 be credited back to the card ending in 1605 immediately. To date, no response and no credit. The boxes of all products returned to them have been received by the company.

(By selecting the answer, “Yes", to the question, “May we send a copy of this to the person or business you are complaining against,” I hereby authorize the Office of the Arizona Attorney General to communicate with the party(ies) against whom I have filed this complaint. I also authorize the party(ies) against whom I have filed this complaint to communicate with and provide information related to my complaint, including disclosure of non-public personal information, to the Office of the Arizona Attorney General in connection with this complaint. If your response is "no", we may be prevented from taking any action on your complaint.)

  • Jan 15, 2016

Copany is a rip off. Do not use. Scam

Paid for trial sample, then they charge credit card $85.97 and $89.97 for these samples.

They also charge credit card 15 days before shipping.

Produt just ok. Nothing like ads.

  • Jan 5, 2016

Once I saw these fraudulent debits to my credit card I immediately called my credit card company to put this in dispute this is a scam and I warn everyone not to ever ever buy trial sizes of anything

  • Dec 22, 2015

I purchased the product on the internet. I was on a sight with Diana Keating and Opra talking about skin care. However, when I clicked on the site I was directed to a completely different site with another product not mentioned by Opra. When I got on the sight there where 2 products that they were offering for a free trial with the only cost being shipping.

After I gave all my information and credit card number I was giving the option "click on for free trial" I was taking to a product page with SkinYouth Enhanced 30 day free supply and SkinYouth Eye Serum 30 day free supply. I was giving the only option to continue. Thinking that I was going to the check out, I click on. However, in order to continue I had to click on a site ofering SkinYouth Vitamin C. I assumed that they just wanted me to see the new product so giving no other choice I clicked on. I was then taken to the check out with the 2 trial products shown and their shipping charge. I thought finally I'm at checkout and I would be done. To my surprise, the SkinYouth Vitamin C was below with a charge of $34.97 added. The total charge with the 2 trial orders came to $50.88.

Remember originally I HAD to click on SkinYouth Vitamin C in order to continue to check out with no indication that I was ordering it. What a Scam!! First the 2 products I thought I was ordering turned out to be 2 different trial products. I wasn't that concerned because the ingrediants where similar and the free trial was offered. Second the Eye Serum turned out to be part of a " bate and switch" by the fact that I couldn't get to check out without clicking on continue the only option I had.

I called the company and talked to customer service about this. She did take off the Eye Serum, but said she couldn't stop the first 2 free trial purchases. She said that I would have 2 weeks to cancel and return the 2 bottles. I would be responsible for the shipping charge. If I didn't do this in time, I would be receiving 2 more bottles with charges of $94.77 for each bottle. They would charge this on my credit card.

I have learned a very important lesson......" If it's free" don't believe it!

  • Dec 17, 2015

Order items for postage........studied very carefully about trial period or further charges...Found bank fraud division called today about over 180.00$ in charges......same oh same oh and yes my card has been canceled ....also finally found a number to call( the first 2 numbers I called just kept offering more "deals")......representative stated the trial period was mentioned when I gave them my card info......I never saw such information anywhere

  • Nov 27, 2015

Ordered the cream ,it did nothing so told company to stop sending and yesterday got another one in mail ,so that is three so far

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