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Skin Royale

Country United States
State Alabama
Phone 8668668180

Skin Royale Reviews

  • Oct 25, 2017

Skin Royale I ordered one bottle. They keep sending bottles.


Monroe, GA

  • Aug 2, 2017

I ordered this product from a Facebook ad. It included a trial size of two products. Apparently I failed to cancel before the 14 day trial period. I received an order today which totally almost $200.00. I told them I wanted to send this back as I was totally dissatisfied and it had not helped my skin at Allan's had been advertised. They refused to credit my account when I asked to send the imposed products back. With most other companies, if the customer is dissatisfied, the customer has a right to a refund. The telephone rep there said this can't be done. I am a single mom and can't afford this almost $200 purchase for something that doesn't work and is way too expensive.

  • May 26, 2017

I saw an advertisement online promoted by Heather and Terry Dubrow. He claimed that if women took care of their skin, then plastic surgery wasn't ever needed. You could try the product by just paying the shipping charges. I tried to look carefully to make sure there wasn't anything other than the free trial that I was agreeing to. Since this product was supposedly endorsed by "experts", I thought I would give it a try.

Two weeks after receiving the products (eye and skin serums), I was charged $89.00 for each product. When I called the company, I was told that I had signed up for monthly shipments, and to opt out of that, I had to call and cancel within 2 weeks of receiving the product. I called 2 1/2 weeks afer receiving the product. Supposedly that information was on the website that I ordered from. I never saw it, even though I tried to check this out. There was no paperwork in the shipment which indicated that I had agreed to this.

When i called customer service, I got the runaround. After a lot of complaining, they agreed to a credit of 35%. After more complaining, they agreed to a 50% credit. This is the most that they would offer me. If I didn't accept this, I would receive another shipment in a few weeks, and be charged the full amount again. My husband was livid about it and also called, but got nowhere.

I am a senior citizen on a fixed income. I do not have the money for expensive beauty products. I feel I have been preyed upon.

  • May 23, 2017

I noticed an advertisement for Skin Royale showing unbelievable results. There was a "countdown" as to how many hours were left on this special deal and only 200 were available per day - I only wanted the face cream but the eye cream was automatically added to my order. This offer was for payment of shipping and handling only.

On the 14th day after my order was placed, I had two withdrawals made from my bank accourt $89.95 and $96.95. Upon calling (there are TWO different numbers for each withdrawal) I learned they were both from Skin Royale and told it was on the page where I filled the order. It was not. However, under Terms & Conditions, way at the bottom in tiny print, which you have to purposely click on, it states after 14 trial days you would be enrolled in a monthly shipment of these produces for these amounts.

Very sneaky and out and out theft. Never again.

  • May 22, 2017

Skin Royale advertisement is extremely misleading Through skin Royale's advertisement on both television and their website, the consumer is lead to believe that the company is offering a free trial of a skin care product. The consumer is lead to believe they are able to receive this free trial by only paying shipping and handling. What the consumer is not told upfront is that by signing up to for the free trial they are actually signing up to automatically receive monthly shipments as well for $95.40 every 30 days.

  • May 18, 2017

I ordered a 14 day trial product of SKIN ROYALE and agreed to pay shipping charges of $4.95, but oh wait I also qualified to receive the EYE ROYALE for only $5.95 more. After reading all the terms & conditions I decided this was a good deal since I had 14 days to try the product for only $10.00. I get my product 4 days later, notify the company that I received my product. My 14 days would start the day I received it so I assumed, apparently it starts the day you order it! Either way the 9th day of using the product or the 14th day of the trial I called to cancel it, too late I'm told we already charged your account for both products! I checked my bank and sure enough at 12:45 AM on the 14th day they charged me one charge of $85.95 and one of $89.95. I talked to my bank informing them that the charges were fraud. I called them back and requested a full credit and was told I would only receive a 35% credit of the full amount.

I argued to no avail. Telling them I would report them to the better business bureau. I called my bank back to have them cancel my credit card & issue me a new one and refuse the charges as they were never approved by me. The bank said they could only issue me a temporary credit until the investigation was concluded. This company is a total ripoff of the worst kind.

  • May 15, 2017

The ad in Yahoo said Chesea Clinton uses this product and belong to one housewife from california. I was lured in by $5 shipping only for free sample. After entering all the shipping/payment information, the receipt said 30 days supply and 14 day trial shocked i immediately called number listed and a bitchy Veronica rudely said i should have read the terms and conditions which stated that I would be charged $89.17 + shipping after 14 days. She said if i called up the number and said i cancel the order before 14 days of payment(NOTE: not receipt of product) which effectively is within 4 days after receipt (assuming shipment will be 8-10 days), then they will not charge me anything and will certainly not refund my shipping. i told her i did nto see any inference of 14 days trial right through my ordering and therefore wish to cancel order as i have nto placed it,she said no , you cannot as product already shipped. Bullsh*! well, the first thing i did is call my credit card company and lodge a fraud /scam charge on card which showed pending and had my card immediately effective now canceled(to ensure they have no more access to my card). they told me they can cancel my card, but the $4.99 or $5 for shipping will be paid but i could dispute this immediately after payment. well, you live and learn. BUT PLEASE CANCEL YOUR CARD RIGHT AWAY. DO NOT WASTE TIME TALKING TO THOSE FRAUDSTERS.

  • May 12, 2017

I ordered the Skin Royal Age Defying Skin Serum and I Royale. It was a trial offer. I paid $4.95 for the products and $5.95 for shipping to Alaska. I like the product but was not able to order again because I am currently unemployed. A couple of days ago, a $190.00 hit bank account. This is unacceptable that companies can do this. I will never order "Free Trial Offers" offers again. I probably should have read the fine print. I will be posting this on Facebook to alert my family and friends about this scam.

  • May 4, 2017

Total ripoff Ordered face cream on line,, charged it, and when I clicked it the next page said thank you for ordering the face cream and eye cream. I never asked for eye cream. I let it go because it was only for $4.95 and $5.95 on 3/17/17. I got my charge bill on 5/1 and saw a charge for $86.95 and $89.95. So I called company and they said since I did not cancel within 14 days I owed this amt. to make matters worse when I called my credit card company they told me of another $95.90 and $91.90 charged for the month of April an I have no product. They give no refunds. They said I had to agree to these terms before I could click off the site. I never saw anything. That's almost $400.00 ripped off. I'm a senior citizen and work hard for my money. If anyone else knows of who else we can write to put a stop to this company let me know. Product stinks. Don' t do it.

  • May 3, 2017

My wife clicked on an ad on Facebook for a trial of these products (Skin Royale and Eye Royale) which said all the Judges on Shark Tank wanted to sponsor these products; (which ended up being a total lie) and ordered the free trial version of each product plus shipping and handling. We’ve since learned that other celebrities have been used to advertise these products without their permission or knowledge. Nowhere on the site we went to were there any mention of future charges. That particular site seems to have disappeared, although there are a number of sites that advertise and sell these same products online sometimes with different names. This site is similar to the one my wife clicked on for the same product:

We were notified on April 17 by Bank of America of these pending charges (86.95 and 89.95} that we did not know of are authorize. We were told by BAC that this was a common complaint and that if we did not cancel they would continue to charge both of those amounts each month. Obviously, they found a different site that stated that by this company. We contacted the Company on the 17th and asked them to cancel all current and future charges. After initially trying to greatly reduce the cost with a sales pitch, Chris gave us a cancelation # C1121299 for both products. When the charges were not removed we called back on the 27th of April and spoke to Canola who refused to refund saying we had exceeded the 14th day cancelation period which we did not see on the original site; even though the trial orders were made on April 3rd #10756785 and1075678 and the cancelation was on April 17 the 14th day. Their Customer Service Department telephone numbers are (866) 866-8180 and (866) 866-0097 but no address is given on any of the sites I have since found. We have since disputed the charges with the bank.

  • May 2, 2017

My story is similar to many others online where Skin Royale and Eye Royale offered a free trial for $10 per product, but hid in small print at the bottom that you would be charged $190 for the two trial sizes and were signing up for more product to be automatically debited and shipped to you. I never used the product so I don't know whether it is good or bad, because the lack of integrity of the company in the experience made me not want to try it at all. When I called to stop the monthly debits to my account, I was told I had the wrong company and given another number. When I called that number I heard the same on hold song that was playing on the previous call. I had to get my bank involved and the customer service rep said I had to cancel the order within a certain time or I was charged a ridiculous amount ($190) for two trial size products.

When I told him I thought it was a rip off and I wanted to return the unopened product for a full return - he said I should have read the small print. He then offered me 35% of my money back, but would not agree to take the unopen product back for a full refund. When I insisted he take it back he then offered me a 50% refund - showing again their unscrupulous business practices by first giving me the run around and pass off, then putting me on a sliding scale for a refund.

Bottom line is this - companies can't get away with tricking people into buying things for long. Skin Royale and Eye Royale are on their way out of business, it's just a matter of time. This isn't 1970, where scam artists can say too bad when you hid the fine print and they didn't read it. Unfortunately, the products may be very good, but because of the shady way they do business and the more than $100 they literally stole from me for two tiny trial size products - I want nothing to do with them.

You should be ashamed of yourself Skin Royale. And if you can't drum up any shame, you should at least lawyer up - as I predict a hard fall for you and all involved in your scam.

  • Apr 20, 2017

Purchased the $14.95 sample. Received without a packing list on either product. No mention of being charged full price after 14 days nor that the purchase enrolled you in a monthly shipment. Did not notice the first charge. When I received the second shipment I looked at my bank account and had two charges of over $92 for each product. Called and was then told of their rules. I cancelled subscription and asked for a refund. I was given another phone number to call. Customer service rep acted like I was ignorant for not knowing about their terms. Was told I would only receive a 35% refund on each product of the second shipment. I told her that wasn't good enough, I didn't want the product, couldn't use the product, and that they were only running a scam. She then decided I could receive 65% refund and my card would be charged back within 3 days. I went ahead an accepted their terms as a lesson learned. I asked where to send the product back to and was told to just keep it. I usually research ads like theirs and I guess this one time I didn't. Sure wish I had seen this site before I ordered.

  • Apr 19, 2017

I was offered a trial of a new moisturizer and eye cream each for $4.95. i never got the samples but found that my credit card was charged for $89 for the moisturizer and $89 for the eye cream. i disputed with my credit card company (not happy with capital one either) and the next month i was charged $94 and $95!! after 4 hours of trying to reach customer service rep, i was told when i clicked the box for the trial offer saying i was 18, that one click also agreed to a monthly shipment of each product. the rep then told me it was my fault i did not follow the link to their privacy policy and their lawyers will win any charge dispute with my credit card company. capital one said i would have to cancel the card to get them to stop.

  • Apr 18, 2017

Skin Royale and /Eye Royale Company is a total ripoff. The cost was $4.95 and $5.95 to cover shipping and handling. 10 day later my Visa Card was charged $89.95 and $ 86.95. When I called customer service they told me I needed to cancel within 14 days because it was a trial order and they refused to credit my Visa.. What kind of misleading advertising is this. Total RIPOFF.

On top of that the woman was quite rude, told me I didn't need to talk to a supervisor because she would tell me the same thing.

  • Apr 17, 2017

I purchased Skin Royale online. The charges were free with a $4.95 shipping charges. They took over $89.00 plus the shipping charges out of my account immediately at the time of purchase. That was our grocery money. I am on Disability and would have never purchased a product that cost that much.. I want my money back. This is theft, internet fraud, false advertising..... Thank you Ladonna Courey

  • Apr 17, 2017

They offer a Free Trial for skincare. Just pay $4.95 shipping. I filled out my info, then it flashed something like: "you're almost done." I clicked that and eye serum was added to my order for an additional $5.95 shipping. I tried to cancel that part but could not. They have some tricky ways to frustrate a customer.

The packages arrived in my mailbow the next week. I tried the tiny jar of cream once. My face broke out quickly and I washed it off. Never tried the other one that I did not want. There was a postcard enclosed in the package with 2 email addresses for each of the creams. I emailed both and asked for them to cancel any further shipments. No response.

Afterwards, they charged my credit card $89.95 AND $86.95! I called the company, the agent said it would be reversed and sent me an email stating that my account is cancelled. The charge was still on my card days later so I called TD Bank to dispute. The representative called the company, we spoke to a guy and he said I did not cancel on time, I only had 14 days from the order date. I explained that I emailed after 5 days to cancel, he very rudely said there's nothing I can do about them taking my money and I'm just screwed. He seemed very happy to conclude that and would not let me speak to a supervisor.

What a Scam! They have no shame, ripping people off is a routine for them, very scripted.

  • Apr 15, 2017

I purchased Skin Royale Age Defying Skin Serum online because the ad stated that it was Ivanka Trump's Skincare line. I was told by a customer service representative that it was a one-time purchase.

I asked if the product was going to be auto shipped, I was told no, all that they asked was to let them know if I liked the product.

I was initially charged $4.95. Then I was charged a second time for $89.95. When I called the number on the packing list, I was told that they would not refund the money. When I mentioned that I was going to file a report with the BBB and state that it was fraudent and false advertisement. She agreed to refund 50% of my money, which is $44.

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