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Skin Renew Cream

Country United States
State Utah
City Bluffdale
Address 14925 Heritage Crest Way
Phone 1-844-895-3950

Skin Renew Cream Reviews

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  • Jan 8, 2016

Online company advertised two highly effective skin creams that must be used together and offered to send samples for a total of $4.95. Immediately after sending the money I read that if I didn't like the product I must send it back within 30 days or my account will be charged several hundred dollars (I don't actually recall the exact amount). I quickly realized this was a scam and within 60 seconds I emailed to cancel the entire deal and although I was assured I would be taken off the list auto shipment program, I was told to return the sample product or I would be charged the entire amount. They said it was too late to cancel the sample products since the order was already being processed! Their "customer service" was somewhere outside of this country, possibly India. At first the person didn't know what I was talking about and then became surly and not helpful so I just hung up. I emailed my bank asking that they not allow any further financial transactions from either of these two skin cream companies.

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  • Mar 4, 2016

I did not get the visa confirmation security info box which you only get if purchase over £50. I never got an email confirmation of my order where I would have seen the inflated price. I do not know if they will refund me half of my charged price. Visa have been informed and are watching them. They also said lots of bad reports about the company. WATCH OUT.

Ordered a skin care product, 4 bottles 29.95 instead of 47€. After placing the order there was no final price on the payment section, should have shown as 137.77€ as the badly worded ad made it look like special offer for 4 products not only one. Visa secure did not pop up as it does for all payments over £50. I had no confirmation email if I had would have cancelled at once as cant afford to spend 137.77 on my skin. Company say they will refund half although I want the refund of the difference between 137.77 and 29.95. Have reported all the my visa card who say there are lots of reports on the company.

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