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Skin Energize

Country United States
State South Dakota
City Sioux Falls
Address 519 W. 22nd Street, Suite 100
Phone 888-418-5793

Skin Energize Reviews

  • Nov 1, 2016

rip off

I also ordered the eye cream and had the same surprise $89.95 and $85.95 free sample and $4.90 for shipping only. The trouble is my bank won't reverse it without a dispute. if they can't get ahold of the company I don't get my money back. what can I do. I cant afford this amount. They said I would have to close my account if I couldn't get ahold of them

  • Oct 25, 2016

Ordered face and eye cream purported to be Ellen's new product line. Ad on Facebook said, "she was leaving TV show to focus on her business". It was sent for shipping only-Free Trial. One month later, I got a surprise bill for $89.95, and $85.95 on my debit card. The phone went off at 2:45 a.m., to notify me of the purchase. I think they do this so you will not hear it and notice the charge. But I was up. I checked into it in the morning and found they has automatically enrolled me in monthly purchase.

Ellen Degeneras has nothing to do with this company. She is not leaving her show. And it is all a scam. I got the charge reversed, but I cannot get a hold of the company to stop the enrollment. Their website is blank. God only knows what the creams are made of--the label is so small you cannot read the words. Total ripoff!

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