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Skin Elements

Country United States
State Colorado
City Louisville
Address P.O. Box 63
Phone 855-713-3129

Skin Elements Reviews

  • Jan 16, 2017

Fell for an depicting Dr. Oz and Christie Brinkley and sent for a free trial size of the skin care.

I refused all other offers on the internet site, settling only for the skin care cream, $3.95 and .99 cents for shipping and handling. My order was dated Dec. 27th. I immediatley received an email saying that my order would be shipped and that I should receive it by Dec. 30th. There was absolutely no mention of any future shipments, any time limit on the sample, or mention of a membership. I saved all my emaills.

Due to the New Years holiday, my sample did not even arrive until Jan. 6th. and since I'm on vacation out of state, I didn't even open it. I am thankful I live in a very small town and that the post-mistress knows the date it came. I then noticed a pending charge on a bank account of $97.83 from Celestial Eye Cream. After much internet tracking I was able to find a contact, plus I still had the confirmation email.

I contacted the company, which has now become SkinElement and told them if that amount was for a membership, I was canceling, and they immediately sent me confirmation of that. I told them that I also wanted the pending charge removed from my account. They then gave me a song and dance about the 14 day trial period. I have saved all my emails and told them I had canceled everything within this 14 day trial period, taking into account the holiday, and that everything was on it's way back to them, unopened, certified mail, receipt included.

Again, I am so glad I also deal with a small local credit union bank that is willing to work with me on this scam and put a freeze on my bank account, which is a problem for me, until they removed this pending charge and that, if I have to, I will submit everything to our state Attorney General and also the BBB. I am so sick of these lying scams and something has to be done to stop them.

I even had to take the laptop to the bank so they could see on my order confirmation there was no way to open conditions of the trial offer and no mention of a time limit in the actual email. Grrr - I am so sick of these guys.

  • Oct 10, 2016

They charge shipping for free trial to get your account #. You think you're paying $3.95 and they charge that plus $95.00 monthly charge. To cancel and get refund, they charge you $30.00 restocking fee. Major rip off!!!!!!

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