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Skin Complex RX

Country United States
State California
City Santa Ana
Address P.O. Box 25380
Phone (888) 620-7456

Skin Complex RX Reviews

  • Jan 24, 2017

This company runs a scam. I ordered a free sample and never placed an order. The company sent more shipments I did not order and billed my Visa Card twice totaling $189.30. I contacted them after the first charge and they wrote back saying the matter had been resolved. They did not issue a refund and billed me a second time. I called amd demanded a refund. They offered me 35%' then 50% then 75%. When I said I wanted 100% they hung up on me and no refund was issied. No one should ever deal with this company. The product is inferior to than anything that can be bought at a drug store for a tiny fraction of the price.

  • Nov 29, 2016

I ordered a trial sample of skin complex from The company then began to send me the product each month. I did not order anything more than the trial. No invoice was included in the shipments, but my credit card is being charged.

I tried to contact their website to discontinue shipments but couldn't find the website. Then I tried the phone number found on the shipment box. The phone number was not good. I am unable to contact the company to stop the ongoing shipments and charges.

I'm unable to turn off the shipments!

  • Oct 18, 2016

Signed up for 30 day skin care trial with Skincomlex RX, ad stated it was free, you needed to pay only for the shipment . Today I found out that they charged me 85.95 for one product and 89.95 for another product. Apparently it was only 14 day trial and you must pay a big amount of money for the other half of the 0.5oz bottle. Please be aware, don't sign up for a free trial that costs almost $200, don't make the same mistake as I did, read the small print.

  • Oct 6, 2016

This company subcontracts many marketers to sell its products, each of which owns their own web site and method of advertisement. If google the name of the product you will come up with different links for different companies and the wording "/skin-complex-rx" follows their URL address. These advertisers don't tell you about the 14 day trial after which they charge you. Some of them indicate a 30 day supply trial that refers to the size of the jar not the trial period. These other companies add a huge mark up after the 14 days. Since I didn't know about the 14 days and no paperwork came with the product I had no idea I was going to be charged $89.95 for the face cream and $85.95 for the eye cream. When I called the number on my card statement i got the real company customer service who argued with me, wouldn't let me speak, cut me off repeatedly and was unable to provide me with confirmation of my authorization. So I will talk to my credit card company because this charge was not authorized nor can they prove to me that I authorized the charge or was given the trial period.

  • Sep 7, 2016

They invite to to try product for a trial at the cost of postage, if you don't cancel it they tap your bank account for the entire cost and sent another sample and tap the back account again !! (200.00) !! they need to be shut down

  • Sep 2, 2016

I have also had almost $200 stolen from me by this scam company. I made the mistake of clicking on one of their ads via my cell phone. Like you all, I ordered a sample for the shipping charge, then was suddenly charged $89.95 and $85.95. They seem to use several different names, so you have no idea who you are dealing with. I had a difficult time tracking the company down so I could even contact them. What bothered me from the beginning was when I ordered the sample via my phone...I received no confirmation email, so I had no idea who I was ordering the sample from. I even panicked a bit worrying that it was maybe a hacker of some sort (no, just a scammer) When the sample arrived, there was no name or information. in or on the one to contact. I am so frustrated with this situation. I feel like I've been robbed and my account is all messed up. I tried to get paypal to help, but to no avail. This scam company keeps saying something about their 'terms & conditions', which I never saw nor would I have agreed to. I plan on sending them daily emails...I will complain all over the Internet, and warn everyone else. I did try calling...and reaching someone was not easy...and the woman I finally reached was rude. My next step will probably be to speak with an attorney; what they are doing is not right. It just doesn't seem legal nor ethical.

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