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Country Denmark
City Lyngby
Address Maglebjergvej 4. DK-2800
Phone (646) 918 1447
Website Reviews

  • May 17, 2017

I am writing to help men from being scammed by This company sells a male enhancement device for your manhood. They claim you can gain up to 3 inches in your manhood. The device sells for $ 200 - 300. When the device arrived I was excited to start using it. The device is basically a stretching unit that will stertch your member and make it larger as the constant tension causes micro breaks in your p***s cells which multiple and increase in size thereby making your p***s larger.

You can think of the device like a rack for your p***s. The device comes with a DVD to instruct you how to use it. This DVD is terrible. There is no audio it is very confusing and really did not help. Mine was scratched as soon as I took it out of the sleeve. I had to go to YouTube to find several videos on the proper way to use it.

You are suppose to wear this device during the day for up to 12 hours for up 11 months.

Initially, they want you to wear it for a minimum of 4 hours and increase an hour or two per day/per week. In other words, the first week you wear it for 4 hours, the second week you wear it for 5-6 hours, etc.

The device is very uncomfortable. In fact, it pinched my manhood several times throughout the day. The head of my manhood starting turning blue and was becoming more and more painful the longer I wore it. I removed it. Also, the device was clearly visible through my pants. It makes a very weird shape due to the rods that are on each side of the device.

I contacted customer service several times and told them what it did to me and wanted to return it for a full refund. This is where it gets dicely. They informed me I had to use the device for 4 months for 8 hours a day, provide before and after photos of me wearing it and provide them with a log of my activity. There website states there is a "No questions asked Satisfaction Guarantee". If you are not satisfied with it for any reason simply return it for a full refund. Now they are refusing to honor their own Company Policy and the CSRs are doing everything to prevent me from getting my money back.

I paid through PayPal so I am pretty confident that I will get my money back.

There are many other devices out there that are far more effective, cost less and do not require this amount of committment to see improvements.

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