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Sixt Rent a Car

Country United States
State Arizona
City Phoenix
Address 1805 E Sky Harbor Cir S
Phone (602) 425-5736

Sixt Rent a Car Reviews

  • Feb 7, 2019

Beware of this company- fraud alert! This is the worst rental experience I have ever encountered. The representative talked me into upgrading to a nicer vehicle, which is fine. What he did not inform me of, is that it was a hybrid. He then talked me into prepaying for gas by misleading me that Sixt's gas price was "about $0.03 more per gallon" than the local price when it was actually more like $0.30 more per gallon. He also did not inform me that, if irregardless of whether I would use a full tank, I would still pay for a full tank. I assumed the company would pro-rate the fee based on how much gas was actually used. So, because I did not know the car was a hybrid, I paid $45.00 for a tank of gas while using maybe 1/6 of a tank.

To make matters much worse, when I returned the vehicle, during the final inspection the attendant circled ONE tiny chip (approx 3-4 mm in diameter) in the front windshield. It was so small that I never even noticed the chip and it did not happen while the car was in my possession. The attendant stated that I may have to pay to repair it. This set off red flags for me so I decided to make a final walk around with my own pictures to have proof that only one chip was circled and that I left the vehicle in pristine condition. Sure enough, Sixt later sent me a claims ticket with pictures included that showed FOUR chips on the windows circled, which includes a side window and the rear window. They want to charge me $103.00 to repair rock chips on the windows. Chips on a side and rear window? Sound fraudulent? It sure does to me.

  • Nov 11, 2018

WARNING: do not do business with this company.

I made a reservation on line for a rental car at Sixt.

When I got to the rental counter they informed me that I needed an additional $200.00 for a deposit.

No where on the reservation form does it state a deposit is required.

I had prepaid the amount of $1,075.35 on-line using a visa card and by adding the additional $200 deposit, this put me over my credit limit.

I asked if I could cancel the reservation and rent the car for a shorter period.

"Oh I am sorry you can't cancel the reservation once it is prepaid", was their response.

The supervisor assured me that the prepaid amount would not be charged to my card.

Today, I find out that they in fact did charge my card for the full amount.

I called the customer service department. What a nightmare.

Spoke to a customer service rep that had no plans to help me. She was robotic, no emotion, no I am sorry, nothing...

Her response was"Your card was charged the full amiunt $1,075.35 and a refund has been issued BUT it will be 10 business days for it to appear back on your card"....

That is that, no car and I am out $1,075.35 for 10 days.

WOW, unbelivable.

I decided to report this to make others aware of the terrible business tactics Sixt Rental car uses.


  • Jun 20, 2017

Hello. Here's our story: I went through Travelocity to rent a car for our trip to Georgia. I reserved the car to be waiting at Atlanta Hartsfield airport when we arrived. I reserved a FULL sized vehicle (such as an Impala). Our total charges were to be around $350. We arrived at the little orange office for Sixt at the airport on May 25th. My husband said he wanted GPS. They said they only had one car with GPS and that was a Volvo V60 which of course was an upgrade of $200. I didn't want to upgrade but noone listened to me. We were also told about Express Toll because we let them know that we planned to go see our granddaughter in Jacksonville Hospital.

The counter lady wrote Toll Pass at the top of the printed contract at a charge of $79.90 She said if we ended up not needing it, she would remove it. We went to get the car and couldn't figure out how to open the back trunk. There was noone to help us. I chased down one of the ladies and she did come over and open it for us. I had a hard time getting in the car because it was so low. I am disabled. I said I would rather have the bigger car I'd reserved but surprise! There weren't any. My husband was the driver. He finally saw how to start the car (button) and then tried to get the GPS working. We drove over to the little orange office and asked if

they could show us how to use the GPS. Another surprise, neither lady said they knew how. Then one lady brought out a Garmin. Now if I wanted a Garmin, I could have had the car I wanted too. Tried to use the Garmin (worthless). We paid $200 extra to use a Garmin??? I was very unhappy with the rental but she kept saying that was all she had. So the fact that I reserved a full size car didn't matter . Over the next few days, my husband figured out how to use the GPS enough so that we could get around. We drove to our hotel in Griffin. We drove to our daughter's in Griffin. We drove to the high school graduations we had come for. When

we were arranging to go to Jacksonville, it turned out that the hospital said it was flu season and we could not see our grandbaby. So we didn't need the Toll Pass at all. When we returned the car on time June 3rd, I did complain about the GPS, the Garmin, how uncomfortable the car was for me and that we couldn't go to Jacksonville. They checked the car and said all was fine. She said she would have the Toll Pass removed. She had also offered a discount with them for our next car rental. What? We said not to bother as we live in Utah. We then went to catch our flight. I received the Sixt Invoice the second week of June. WHAT? It had a charge

of $741.30!!! I reserved a car for $350 and end up with paying $741.30??? And guess what? The Toll Pass charge of $79.90 was still on it. Since they had my credit card from reserving, they had already put the charge on it. I want the charge removed that she said they would remove. I want some kind of concession with the $200 upgrade for my non-comfort in a car that I did not reserve. And...exactly what is a Concession Recovery Fee? ($62.39) or a Counter Processing Recovery Fee ($14.00) or a Vehicle Upkeep Recovery Fee ($12.00). We've never heard of all these and we've rented cars from other companies for years.

  • Jun 5, 2017

Howdy folks, I am the former franchise owner of Sixt Rent a car in Austin, Texas. I am here to tell you my story of how Sixt Rent A Car cheated me and my husband out of our wealth, our dignity and our success.

It all began when we were online, I believe it was Auto Rental News website that Sixt was advertising their bullshit franchise opportunities, I should have known something was up when a few minutes later I got a call from the EVP of Sixt Franchise in Florida, we chatted about 30 minutes or so, all he did was pump it up and sell the glitz and glam of the brand, I think he used the word “Prestigious” which let me tell you folks nothing is prestigious about Sixt Rent A Car and I mean nothing. Ya know If I had know his compensations package was heavily weighed on selling franchise locations I would have been more guarded and much more curious of their success in the states.

A few weeks went by and the EVP flew out to Austin to meet with me, I can remember sitting down with him at the Salt Lick BBQ for a dinner meeting, this is where the lies, cheating and deceit began. This Heartless guy presented me with these fancy brochures with the “Sixt look” it was exactly what he had described over the phone, he went on to tell me that it would be just like Avis, and besides why wouldn’t you want to drive luxury and pay economy.

Sixt sold us on their incredible buying power on premium German cars and then turned around took that promise away by sending us to the local dealerships to pay premium prices. I recently found out that BMW itself was shocked, that unlike other rental car franchises sixt did not pass along any saving to their franchise owners. Now how could I believe the quote “why drive a ford fusion when you can drive a Mercedes for the same price” when only Sixt has that pricing power.

The EVP touted how Sixt would change the US rental car market and that their prestigious brand could compete with the majors such as Avis Budget, Hertz, Enterprise and the like, just to be clear they are nothing like the majors in more ways that I could possibly tell you. Now… at the time of these conversations I had been an agency operator with Avis Budget Group, I had been with these guys and represented a truly prestigious brand for about 13 years or so. I had multiple locations including Austin, San Antonio and San Francisco all top performing multi-million dollar locations with record margins. Well then Sixt comes along with their promises that they knew what they were doing, that it would be just like working with Avis Budget Group just a different brand. After doing my do-diligence and qualify with Sixt to be a franchisee “mind you they had strict requirements to become a franchisee” I assume they believed their own nonsense about how prestigious their brand was because that’s the only thing I can come up with.

My company was solid, credit was great, cash flow was always good never any issues to speak of; most importantly I had 13 years of experience in car rental, 13 years folks. I believe you could have had all the experience in the world but with Sixt’s business model, broken a*s software, no franchise support and no deals on cars as promised, there was no way in hell could you survive I don’t care who you are. This is why 9 out of 12 Airport franchises are already out of business, Sixt doesn’t give a darn.

You see most of the franchises in the United States have dried up, gone bankrupt and closed down with the exception of the few that Sixt themselves operates. I believe they had no Idea what the hell they were doing in the United States market so they picked out experienced car rental operators learned off the backs of their many years of hard work and experience only to turn around and strip them of their lifetime wealth to create the infrastructure in America. Sixt is the single worst business decision I have ever or will ever make in my lifetime. I believe that nearly every single franchise owner to date in the United States feels the same about this company. The damage that they have caused is catastrophic.

To keep things on the shorter side and not bore any of you all, I signed my franchise agreement in October two thousand thirteen on the Sixt promise of success, like a fool I gave up my 13 year history and success with Avis Budget Group. Soon after signing, the capitalizing of the companies began, the build out of the locations which might I add cost me over a 100 grand, the support they had promised wasn’t there, come to think of it they didn’t even have the Sixt plans for us. They wanted us to take step by step pictures of the Regine Sixt’s sacred wall to see how we did it so they could copy it. This over engineered multiple coats of lacquer orange monstrosity which had zero function other than paying homage to Regine Sixt’s ego cost me fourty thousand dollars, I had to buy another one for my second location another fourty thousand dollars gone. We had to pay through the nose to get to an acceptable level of “Sixt” look. This is what sixt worked on, instead of a operable model and working software. The image was one more important that competence; this is the Sixt way, Flash, Lies, Marketing, Image, Lawyers over substance. This was a big eye opener for me, as the promises they had made were already turning into lies. Moving on to fleet, what a crock of s**t I had specifically asked in the very beginning how and where do we source fleet from? They sent me a short spread sheet of several companies that would lease vehicles, many of these vendors will never do business with sixt again because of tens of millions of dollars lost through the American franchises who lost everything because of the lies and deceit. I was shocked because I was told that they had such deep ties and connections with the manufacturers that fleet pricing wouldn’t be a problem. Well folks it actually turned out to be a gigantic problem, let’s just say I had no choice but to overpay for fleet.

So like an idiot I ordered cars, 2 million dollars’ worth of cars, you see here’s the problem at this point once you’re in, buckle up because you’re in.

July 2014 is when we finally opened after several months of issues with Sixt not understanding the us market and this so called “endorsement” with the insurance companies, this affected other franchises as well because Sixt clearly had no idea what they were doing. They were just making it up as they went along. So after getting through that mess with them we finally opened our doors.

Reservations were starting to build, I was out marketing to my network of folks, past and future customers. The software that we used was supposed to be state of the art turned out to be a 10 year old Mozilla browser in German no wonder they pride themselves on the lowest cost of IT while their competitors spend money to have a decent software, well again another promise from the Sixt family of liars, it was constantly frozen, signature pads didn’t work, reports weren’t understandable, never could track the money we showed we were making money but we weren’t because they were wrong, how in the hell can you run a business if you don’t have the right software to run it with? You just can’t. I mean it was the worst software I have ever came across. Erich Sixt knew the software was s**t, but once a con man always a con man.

One of the worst parts of the Sixt scam was they never told us that they were going to keep our prepaid rental money to fund their own corporate business, talk about highway robbery. They did not to tell us that they were going to hold our money from us from the day the customer prepaid until a month and a half after the car is returned, folks that means Sixt could keep my money from my sale for over a year; this enormous loss of cash flow is why owning an American Sixt Franchise sucked. This clearly shows that they’re corporate business was all they cared about and we were just standing in line at the slaughter house. ! Oh and I can’t possibly forget this, maybe a month or so after we opened we got a contract with Ft Hood in Killeen Texas to fleet a foreign government soldiers while they were here training. I think it like 30 cars or something like that, I had given my bid and then Sixt turns right around cancels that bid then offers them something much cheaper with all insurance included, like really Sixt corporate just put 400k of liability on my shoulders without even asking, then they turned it into a direct bill account which is nearly the same as a prepay meaning I would be out 30 cars for 30 days, and then wait another 30 or more days to get paid on them. By starving us from our cash flow we had no chance of success, our pockets are only so deep. Anytime Sixt USA needed money I was told they just pick up the phone and it’s in the account the next day. We as American small business owners don’t have the luxury of a phone call for foreign money.

If it wasn’t holding our prepay money, it was Sixt “losing” our cars, letting them sit and not renting them. I had to pay to get my own d**n cars back after they made us start doing one ways, hell I had one that was sitting in LA for god knows how long with no revenue on it. With our cars trapped on Sixt’s lot generating no revenue how can we rent them from our lots? We were promised that our cars would be taken care of and rented and not left to sit, well folks that’s another lie! If you’re not renting cars you’re not making money.

Then that brings us to what we in the industry call the DNR “do not rent list” this is a list of customers who abuse rental cars, keep them for extended periods of time without paying for them, effectively just bad customers that cost us our profits. This is a perfect example of another reason Sixt was not prepared for the United States. We lost so many cars due to not having the support of Sixt and their due-diligence in the market an experienced rental car company would have such a list, all the other major rental cars companies do. I could have saved thousands in repossessions, chargebacks, transportation fees and damage repairs. This sickens me and is just another example of the disaster they created.

My life was amazing before I became just another of victim of the Sixt franchise death machine; after all most of my sixt franchise friends have the same story to tell. I had well over a million dollars, had just married the love of my life a few months prior and was looking forward to a profitable and amazing experience as one of the first Sixt franchises in America. We were going to start a family and thought that everything we were told about sixt was the truth and it was going to be great. Of course we were not able to take on the financial responsibilities of a little one running around the house, expanding our family was a dream of ours and they crushed it. Sixt took all my money through incompetence and brutality. Month after month we tried to fix the problems that they caused. We had an article in Auto Rental News in July 2014 and there have been other articles in that very same magazine of other franchises, ask those franchise how they are doing now. Ha I can tell you…. Their devestated. This company didn’t just betray me, but it betrayed my family, my employees, my investors, my vendors and my friends. It broke my heart to have to lay off my assistant that was 8 months pregnant right before she gave birth to her child, she was like family to us. This story is common among the other franchise owners in the US. We all tell each other the stories of horror which only owning a Sixt franchise could know.

So my perfect life was shattered by the lies from Germany. I was living the American dream, my own business that was profitable before Sixt, a home, nice cars, a loving husband and the thought of expanding us two to us three a family. Instead I went from being a millionaire to losing my food stamps last month and owning broken hearing aids that I can’t afford to fix. I lost my home, cars, health insurance, I lost 16 years of making the right move making the right decision having the discipline to be successful. My health has suffered drastically with strokes, high blood pressure, thoughts of suicide, I don’t sleep I have emotional breakdowns daily. I re-live this story every day in my head, every day!

You see I don’t have one of those fancy degrees to fall back on. I had blood sweat and tears building my companies all to have Sixt rent a car rip this from me in the most violent way possible. They broke me and then fought me with attorneys, I spent nearly 200k fighting them to wind up with a s**t a*s settlement. I will never forget Johannes telling me in his German accent “We ah, will give you 100k if you stop the suit”, I told him no, I told him I needed 2.25mm he laughed and said you will spend a million dollars fighting me you will never win. Shame on the Sixt family for making lies and threats the Sixt way.

I wish that I had never heard of this terrible company with a horrible model and deadly outcomes. I wish they would’ve disclosed just how morally bankrupt and nasty they truly were before I invested my life savings. Maybe if other franchise buyers hear this, Erich Sixt will have one less victim and a little less money to add to his billions.

Check out the website that is dedicated to saving other americans from this horrible company.

  • Jun 5, 2017

Here's the simple unvarnished truth of Sixt Rent-a-Car in the United States. Sixt is a publicly traded German car rental company which came to the US in the last 5 years. This is the story of the Sixt Scandal in America.

I was one of the many victims of Sixt Rent-a-Car and the fraud perpetuated by this company and Erich Sixt. Almost all of the airport franchisees sold by Sixt are gone. Sixt has been a disaster in the U.S. but the biggest disaster was trusting Sixt and being one of the suckers who bought a franchise from this terrible company. We in the US learned the hard way how Sixt operates – this is an amazing story of a huge German company who treated its US franchise investors with disdain and brutality.

It’s almost unimaginable that this huge company which promised so much and delivered so little could take the actions which it did. But frighteningly enough – it did. The story of what they did should worry every small business that deals with Sixt Rent-a-Car as they deliberately mislead you into thinking that they actually have a model and product which works and makes money for franchise in the U.S. Regine & Erich Sixt create this untrue fantasy that Sixt is all a big family. But it’s just that – fantasy. It’s just showmanship for them without regard to who they hurt and take advantage of.

This isn’t just my story, it’s the story of most of the franchises in the U.S. What Sixt did here in the US was truly awful and brutal.

  • May 31, 2017

We’ve rented at least a hundred times from various rental car companies for business and leisure, and SIXT is by far THE WORST SLEAZIEST RENTAL CAR COMPANY around. It’s no surprise they get an F rating from the Better Business Bureau. Here’s our Sixt complaint regarding what we call the “Sixt Upsell Scam”.

2 weeks ahead of time, I’d reserved & prepaid for a car from Sixt for our family to use at a wedding in April in Dallas TX. When we arrived at the Sixt DFW counter as scheduled after a long flight, the Sixt rep (Arlan) told us they didn’t have a vehicle in the category we reserved. We thought, okay, it happens, although this was the first sign of how poorly managed Sixt is; when you prepay for a rental, which gets you a small discount, you agree to pay for at least 3 days rental whether or not you show up. Sixt shouldn’t be surprised when you show up expecting the vehicle you’d already paid for.

Our experience then got much worse: Other agencies, in situations like this, will offer you an available, suitable vehicle *AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE*, but the Sixt rep, after first offering a small car that didn’t meet our needs, eventually offered us an acceptable and larger vehicle, but only if we’d agree to pay $100 more (higher rate plus taxes and fees) - even though the lack of the reserved vehicle was entirely their fault. It seems Sixt assumes most customers will simply break down and pay the extra money. Sleazy, sleazy, sleazy. We refused, insisting Sixt should rent to us for the agreed rate. But instead of doing the right thing, Sixt held our tired family hostage for a long hour. Eventually, a vehicle like we reserved “magically” appeared.

During the entire delay, no supervisor came to help, and the 2 or 3 other reps nearby just kept their heads down, as if this was standard operating procedure. A young couple waiting at the counter were also having trouble with their rental. If anyone wants to start a class action lawsuit against Sixt, count us in.

DON’T RENT FROM SIXT! They’re not the “Sixt” worst, they are THE worst.

  • Dec 13, 2016

Sixt came to the US to make there way in to the US car rental market. They lured small business owners to open franchises. If you look all have been taken over or shut down due to bankruptcy. The German company used US small business owners to expand and take all cost for buildings buying the premium fleet they required. All US stores are now there stores. Research it!

  • Apr 30, 2016

This was my first time ever renting a car with Sixt, and it will be my LAST. This is by far the WORST car rental experience I have ever had. I rented an economy car (2016 Hyundai Accent) car with Sixt Rent A Car Service. This company has NO SENSE of customer service, integrity, respect or regard for their customer’s lives.

Within 15 minutes of leaving the lot, a malfunction light comes. I contact customer service to make them aware of the situation and was directed to bring the care back. On bringing the car back the tire completely bust while I am on the busiest highway in Atlanta, Georgia. I could have been severely injured, or even killed due to their LACK of quality control and vehicle inspections. Once I arrived to the ATLANTA Hartsfield airport kiosk, I was given the run around by customer service rep via telephone named Ruby and in person rudely dismissed by store managers Alicia/Alisha and verbally by Adam and offered a $50 voucher and an upgrade to a Toyota Camry to silence me.

That is NOT acceptable by any means. What company that is suppose to have customer safety be a top priority have the audacity to treat customers so tactless and heartless. I will NEVER use this company, nor recommend them to anyone. There needs to be some ramifications towards the managers for their lack of etiquette and service. And Sixt needs to find a much better way to rectify the situation for providing their customers with a SAFTEY HAZARD CAR.

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