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Sites World Wide

Country United States
State Nevada
City Las Vegas
Address 1027 S Rainbow Blvd, Suite 256
Phone 877-304-1721

Sites World Wide Reviews

  • Jun 28, 2016

On June 12th, 2015 I was the unfortunate victim of's sales person Devan Hirst. I am going to recommend you do your research and stay away from this company.

Mr. Hirst claimed to be a representative of Google, and told me what his company does for their clients. After some disbelief on my end Devan asked me to google search phrases of other clients. Devan then explained he was actually working with a company he identified as LLC, he told me actually also optimizes keywords for Google, Yahoo and Bing and that it was my lucky day, he had me google a specific keyword for my business. Devan promised me first page placement for that keyword and access to the millions of hits that keyword received every day.

I was asked to take out a calculator and to multiply out the number of millions of people and if a small percentage visit the website, and then if a small percentage order my product. The number ended up being something like $36,000.00 in profit that Devan asked me to read off to him.

The problem was that the keyword that related directly to my business was never available to begin with. The next day after Devan had access to my credit cards, I called in to do my initial account setup. I was told the keyword that I had purchased did not exist and was not available, also I was told my account would be placed on review while they research the sales call to see what I ordered; because I insisted on a full refund since my product I was sold was now suddenly not available. This sales tactic is commonly referred to as a bait and switch.

Later that week I received an unitdentified package in the mail, in a plain manilla envelope, from a company I did not recognize, called Online Client Services ( ). I then reviewed my bank statements and realized I was fradulently charged $2,495 by a company called BDI, Business Development. The original order which they refused to fill was only for the amount of $1,995 and I have the original invoice for this.

I proceeded to call Sitesworldwide, now identified to me as Online Client Services (OCS)... I called them every 2 weeks for the last year. I started out very friendly, asking for the refund. See, from the beginning of the high pressure sales call, from day 1, I was promised by Mr. Devan Hirst a 100% Money Back Guarantee. Devan promised me my keyword woudl be in the top 3 results of Google, Yahoo and Bing or my money back.

Since that day on June 12th, the company has refused to charge back the amount on my cards, they have created fradulent documents claiming that I 'digitally signed' and they tracked my computer as a signature. But in fact, I never signed anything. I have requested my refund from day 1. And it's not just that but they invoiced me the wrong amount and mailed in in the US Postal Service, which is mail fraud.

Sitesworldwide, through their employee Al promised me a credit back on my cards, this was further verified by another employee Chance, and then for a month the lied to me and said my refund would be the next refund processed and that it was on the desk of the credit card processor. After I waited two months and checked every bank statement I called them and Al told me they decided not to honor the refund and it was at their option anyway. Al said since 2 months had elapsed it was now at their option, and they simply decided not to.

This was Sitesworldwide's option, they decided to call me at work and sell me a keyword that was, in their words "Guaranteed to get me front page placement in the top 3 search results of Google, Yahoo and Bing."

Sitesworldwide engaged in interstate commerce and as such they are bound by the interstate commerce clause, and as a company that engeges in telemarketing they are required by law to honor the terms agreed to in the original sales call, and they are required to honor their 100% money back guarantee. That did not happen, and I have been yelled at, laughed at and sarcastically hung up on.

Online Client Services and Sites Worldwide are a complete and total scam

  • Jun 23, 2016

This company called me to sell me google placement for my real estate company. What seemed like a reasonable idea for me to spend my marketing dollars turned out to be a living night mare. After a very long and forceful sales call I placed an order for google placement for $2,795.00 which included a 1 page website. A few days later they called to discuss the 10 phrases I wanted to use to describe what clientele I wanted to drive to my website. After about 45 minutes with them they just transfered the phone to a website designer that tried to sell me a much better website but they acted as though this was the website that I was originally planning to get. It was very nice and had a great search engine but the cost was another $3000 so I said no. I said no multiple times and was finally able to hang up the phone.

They then called back days later for another meeting where I thought they were reviewing what they had done so far but was passed to the personal asset protection division where I was told that for some reason I was placed as a VIP member so i was offered the legal end of their package. I was told that I must pay immediately and that it was in my best interest to incorporate as a Nevada C corporation to begin to build my business credit which they would get me a $50,000 business loan so that I would work with business money and not my personal money to grow my business as well as that 100% of the interest I pay for this credit is tax deductible where as using your own business credit card connected to your SS# has no value in return. Witht is money I woudl pay for the cost I incurred wit their company. They did not tell me that this could take up to 6-8 months to establish it which meant I now had added on another $10,000 of credit card debt that i woudl have to pay more interest on. The Nevada C corp would be a managing my already existing S corporation in Florida. After 92 minutes and promises to give me a full website and making me feel so stupid for not doing this and being rude and pushy I half heartedly agreed. They would not take no for an answer. i was crying and they just used all sales techniques to make me feel better by talking about totally unrelated things such as fishing, flordia weather etc. and then when I wasn't crying any more they would go back to the hard sell. I told them I had made only $8500 in 2015 and was in debt to IRS and credit cards for upwards af $45,000 so they said this was a fantastic opportuntity so that I would not be stressed any more due to using my own credit for business. I tried to ask if I could call my accoutant whom I had a meeting with that very day but they refused to let me off the phone with out signing an agreement. It was a 1 time deal. Like magic they had me filling out a form that was agreeing to this sale for another $6995.00 and then it was too late.

I did see my accountant that day and he had no idea why they would sell me this so I immediatley called them back to cancel but they said that they had already applied with the state of nevada for my corporation so services had been rendered. Devestated I called my credit card company to cancel the charges. After a few months I was told the charges couldnt be canceled becasue I had clicked on agree to the terms and was also taped by someone in their office saying that I agreed even though when I was agreeing I was grying my eyes out.

With nothing left to do I tried to make the most of it and began to work on the website only to find out that they do not have authorization to use IDX and that I would have to get the search engine myself from a 3rd pary for another $40-$60 a month above their $20 a month fee to help with the google placement. They made my website and asked me to review my bio and the first page of the site that has to do with miami and real estate so I sent it to my marketing department that was apalled at how horrible this webiste looked and the verbage that they used and said that a company of our stature could not have this reflecting them. They also googled as I did the company only to find multiple complaints with the B.B.B. along with your site as well It has now been since january when this first started. They never changed my verbage that I requested. I have never seen any one land on my page or contact me and that google placement has done absolutely nothing for me.

On the business end i was put in contact with a gentleman by the name of Dan Oehlman who was to help review the corporation documents that I was sent and tell me how to file for my EIN number. After a lengthy discussion of over an hour about the documents, my business, my debt and my S corporation he could not understand why they would have sold me this and how it could possibly benefit me. He told me that I should have my accoutant call Al Kiaza who sold me that $6995 portion because maybe Al could tell my accountant some good reasons for having this Nevada corporation. He also said DO NOT FILE FOR THE EIN NUMBER as this will open up a can of worms with the IRS, cause me to have to pay more in taxes and for now only Nevada knows about the corporation and in a year I can just not renew.To this date I know nothing about any businees credti and have been paying off the $10,000 debt with 12% interst on my regular business credit card.

At this time I still have not met with my accountant due to him being ill but I am $9995 more in debt then I was before. i was trying to find an attorney to help but have not yet found someone. I AM TOTALLY DEVESTAED!

  • Apr 30, 2016

Sites World Wide, AKA Website Management Systems, has been operating under different names in Las Vegas, NV for years. The owner is banned from doing business in NV because of another business scan. This business is in his wife's name to get around his legal issues. This company is only after the money and we were told anything goes" to close a sale. The amount of money they charge is outragous and the use black hat" methods. Please beware of this company or any company that sells SEO!!!!!

  • Mar 17, 2016

Avoid Sites World Wide services at all costs!! We purchased web "services" from Sites World Wide upon their promise of "top page" Google rankings. What we didn't know is that the company uses unapproved (by Google) methods which temporarily boost your position but, once discovered by Google (very quickly) result in your site being virtually exiled to the hinterlands of the web - page 10,000,000??? Maybe.

We finally decided to consider the almost $2,000 we paid them a business loss, cancel the services and wait for Google to forgive us after a long period of good behavior. We requested (several times) that the company to take down our fake website and fake Facebook page and whatever other fake pages they created and to simply go away.

But no. It's been weeks now and our fake pages continue to haunt our genuine web presence.

But wait! it gets worse. When someone logs into our fake website via a mobile device they are exposed to neighborhood new reports....of whatever kind. Today, as I write this, one headline on our site read "Cops seek hipster ninja masturbator in U-District". Yes, you read that correctly. The article goes on to discribe the ongoing masturbation outside someone's home. Another headline says, "Naked Men, one with a Guy Fawkes mask..."

If we ran a police blotter website, such news might be interesting to our readers, but we're building a real estate services brand and concepts such as trust, honesty, and welcome home, just don't seem compatable with naked men in the bushes.

As the old saying goes, if something seems to good to be true....

Web browsers obviously are genuinely trying to provide quality content to their users and fake pages do just the opposite.

Let's take this site down!

  • Jan 8, 2016

A super hard selling telemarketer calls and tells you he can get you on the front page of google and develop a great web landing page for your business. They don't take no for an answer. I got suckered. I said no and then the "manager" gets on and informs me of how they will get me ten key words for real estate in the Charleston area. They gaurentee that I will get at least on the first page of google for the full month or i get a free month.

They also have you log onto a very impressive agent website and landing page and tell you that is what your landing page will be like etc. etc.

Well $3000 later and after the 3 day cancellation time allowed for online purchases they will have my "landing page" up and I can't cancel because they will be developing the page. I finally am given a page to go to and my landing page looks like a high schooler did it. A picture of fall leaves instead of Charelston. My home Address on it?!

They call me once a month, stating that the first couple of months nothing will happen as I will just be starting out and it takes time to get on the front page. After a few months they keep calling to set up a time to call me and go over my account informing me I am getting all kinds of people seeing me. I set up a time to be home for them to call then they don't call. When they do call again the next morning they were busy with another client and can I reschedule.

I finally get to talk to them and they tell me I have been seen hundreds of times. I inform them I have nothing, no leads, no contacts nothing so apparently I paid $3000 for nothing. They have me go to my landing page, while I'm on there I fill out the contact info and hit send....nothing, it never gets to my email. I inform him that my landing page is worthless because even if anyone did see me on google and clicked to my landing page they would never have been able to contact me. He tells me he will fix it and I never hear from them again. And my page never does work.

Like all rip off companies they promise you the world and call you relentlessly to sell you but once they have your money you get nothing but lies.

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