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SiteBuilder Reviews

  • Jan 16, 2017

This sitebuilder company pretended to offer search engine results with the purchase of a website. After a reasonable time my website was invisible on any search engine. Sitebuilder assured me that the website needed 4-6 weeks to give it a chance to be recognized by google and internet explorer and other search engines. When the website remained invisible, I made more inquiries. Sitebuilder continued to add another 4-6 weeks on to my waiting period and still no results. They did this a third time. After a full 8 months of waiting, I demanded to be reimbursed for all the lost time and they declared that I would receive only about $9.00 back. This company must be stopped.

  • Apr 1, 2016

Okay on the 9 of March I joined a sitebuilder website to create my own website.I paid $ 6.98 because I was getting a discount.For joining at a particular time. Okay on the 15 th I called this company,to ask why I couldnt get my email box to open...which came with here is where it began...I talked to Alex who barley could speak English,says ... Oh u need to close a page and wait 20 minutes relog into it,so I did.waaalaaa it worked..something didn't feel right with the whole phone conversation.... So I just happened to call bank and I was charged $ 9.98 ...I was never asked or told by this company anything other than to wait 20 relog in. So I called and said can I speak to Alex,they said in broken English a yes one minute please.same guy but even tho both guys speak with broken English this wasn't Alex,but I went on to ask why I was charged.. This is when he insisted that I was only charged because it was their billing cycle and time to pay for my membership again.wait it's only been like 8 days ago I paid 6.98 ..He assured me I wouldn't be charged again until April 16 th. Ok so I said I thought u charged me for a mail box,and I said I gotta have a mail box to sale online and I knew it was free with membership,he said yes ma'am well are good to go. March 19 i logged into my online bank statement and bam 15.96 to site builders ...what wait for what !! So scared to call for fear of charge I get online and research company,which I did from beginning and found nothing .. I get about 50 pages back and complaints start popping up...for billing malpractices ..Bbb can't locate company.people can't locate company. So I am livid go to phone call can I speak to billing,which I thought I called but I knew this voice...It was Alex broken English I said I was charged 15.98 oh no ma'am it's credit look at envoice in email did say credit but I reenerated my bank knows it was taken out ... My online statement showed it and when I told him this he said send me ur statement..Huh no I will not.I will give u my bank phone number... He said no it is a credit ma'am I said for what no one asked or told me they were taking anything out.He said it was for email ... So he said email me a copy of withdrew charge ,I did ...they never received it I hung up called bank and what do u know 29.99 charge. 5 minutes shut down card and called and notified them gig was up both men who can barely speak get on phone saying oh ma'am no we put back into account no problem, This company looks good from beginning but get about 100 pages back when on Google. They got me. For 89.96 for a 6.98 a month site.

  • Mar 17, 2016

Wanted to set up a blog and saw an ad on line for Site Builder which was billed as the easiest way to set up a website or blog on line.

I read the information on the site and then looked at other options. Later they started sending emails stating that they were the best service and that they would walk me through the entire process. I was sent regular emails from them and as it seemed that they were reasonable for the service, I bit. What a mistake that was.

As soon as they get your credit card number they charge a fee for setting up a site that never goes live. Then they stop contacting you entirely but continue to charge a monthly fee against you credit card stating itf for site service and customer support which is non-existant.

When I saw the recurring charge and realized who it was from I called the number they provided that had the following as its title "See a charge you dont recognize, call this number for help. The phone rag for several minutes finally being answered by an indian fellow who said he would be glad to refund one months but nothing more. He repeated this over and over in a droning monotone until I demanded to speak to a supervisor. At that point he stopped answering me leavimg the line open and I could hear him speaking to another indian man in hindu and laughing. I kept saying hello and he just left the line open. After about five minutes he hung up. I called back and he just hung up every time.

This company is a scam, it offers nothing but more happily charges a monthly fee for no service what so ever and then has the audacity to state in print that they will gladly refund you money.


I am reporting them to the Attorney Generals office in my state and would reccomend anyone else who has been burned by them to do the same.

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