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Siskin Enterprises, Inc.

Country United States
State Utah
City Salt Lake City
Address P.O. Box 58
Phone (800) 453-8470

Siskin Enterprises, Inc. Reviews

  • Jul 8, 2018

This "coverage” is an expensive sham. They don’t actually cover what they say they cover when you buy the plan, and they deny any claim. I am convinced that it’s a fraud.

  • Jun 1, 2018

I called Siskin on or about March 28,2018 and I sent them pictures of my car the chrome.... They sent me a letter letting me know that they received them on April 04,2018 and we preceded from there... I went to the BMW dealership and they tried to detail the oxidation out but to no avail... So they contacted Siskin again to let them know what they did and what was going to happen that the chrome needed to be replaced... It was at this point Siskin did not contact me for some time so finally after some time I decided to contact them they at this time informed me that they were not going to replace my chrome... I asked why and I was told that this was not part of the warranty... I said are you serious the warrenty covers this and he says no I said yes until you need it... He hung up and that was it...

  • Apr 24, 2018

Purchased a Perma Plate warranty with my Mercedes a few years ago. Reached out to them for a repair. I had a small cut in my seat edge and I wanted to address it before it turned into something larger. A technician came to the house and "fixed" the problem with some "As Seen on TV" goo. Literally opened up a bottle of black fingernail polish paint stuff and painted over the cut. That's it.

The coverage as sold to us at the dealership and as we understood from the Perma Plate pamphlet is that it protects your vehicle from most stains, damaging UV rays, rips, tears and burns on leather. Unless of course, it doesn't and you call them to fix something. Then, when they come out and paint goo on your seats and two days later it rips open and then becomes an even bigger mess, they won't fix the problem, but they will send you a check for $150 to pay someone else to fix it... Just a load of garbage.

And if you have a section of paint that is compromised, they'll tell you it was from an egg and the coverage doesn't cover damage from eggs. Becuase apparently only eggs can compromise your paint, and nothing else. Customer service was a dead end. 30 days to accept the $150 offer, in an email that says,"We appreciate the professional manner in which this incident has been handled." This incident was in no way handled professionally. From beginning to end it was a slap in the face and money down the toilet. I highly recommend not paying extra for the Perma Plate product.

  • Nov 24, 2016

This is about a auto glass warranty that the dealer required me to buy for $475.00.

I reported a rock chip and told them it happened a few weeks ago. Was told that if I read the fine pring I woud see I needed to report is within 14 days of the occurence. Rejected.

I got another chip and a crack and reported it that day. Was rejected, here's what they wrote;

Please be advised, coverage under the windshield protection program provides for the repairor replacement of chips or crackscaused by propelled debris while the vehicle is being driven on a paved roadway.

Unfortunately,as the damage you have reportedis inconsistant with your contract, we are unable to assist with this claim.

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