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Shaun Bagby

Country United States
State Tennessee
City Clarksville
Address 2239 Kim Dr
Phone 423-593-2778

Shaun Bagby Reviews

  • Dec 8, 2017

Do not, I repeat DO NOT hand this guy a PENNY of your hard earned money! Shaun Bagby claims to be a social media and reputation management expert, but that couldn't be more false. He lies about having any skills or capabilities in this department. He promises his clients one thing, but delivers something entirely different.

He pays qualified companies to do the work for him and then renegs when he doesn't get his way. What Shaun fails to realize, is when you get another company involved in YOUR clients project, don't expect things to go as you would normally plan! Shaun Bagby has zero communication skills, business etiquette, or professional conduct.

Long story short, Shaun decided he wanted to change the contractual agreement of our project to benefit himself. He outsourced to our company for a project that was supposed to take 10 weeks to complete. 5 weeks into the project, half of the agreed amount of work was complated.

Instead of acknowledging this, Shaun Bagby decides he wants a full refund for half of the work already completed. Meanwhile, Shaun Bagby isn't the company we're doing the work for. He's just a middleman outsourcing for the real company.

My advice to all business owners is to STAY FAR AWAY FROM Shaun Bagby! Deal with the company directly!

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