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Country United States
State Minnesota
City Minneapolis
Address PO Box 3320
Phone 1 888 540 1867

Sezzle Reviews

  • Nov 16, 2020

Sezzle is a Buy Now, Pay Later service that claims to "financially empower the next generation" by providing consumers an option to pay for their merchant's items via installments.

Sezzle's Instagram is loaded with fake comments praising Sezzle and I found that the majority of comments were from investors of the company or family/friends of the CEO Charlie Youakim. One comment I found was from his wife. Marketing tactics like these trick consumers into thinking that Sezzle is safe, but Buy Now, Pay Later services have very little regulation - particularly in Australia, where luckily for Sezzle, they are on the the stock exchange.

I can prove via screenshots that they are running fake Instagram contests. They foolishly gave away this lie by selecting brand ambassadors of the merchants who were running the contests as their winners. However, some folks they selected as winners were real people that I direct messaged who never received their "prize" for partaking in Sezzle's contests.

Sezzle targets the young and broke with promises of financial stability by shrouding themselves in a "cloak of woke". However, any company that partakes in such shady marketing strategies should not be trusted by Generation-Z, or any generation for that matter.

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