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Seth Pinyerd

Country United States
State Arizona
City Phoenix
Address 7141 N 16th St Unit 222
Phone 503 847 3333

Seth Pinyerd Reviews

  • Nov 23, 2021

I was witness to Seth Pinyerd abusing his dog in the Fall of 2021. After being asked to put his dog on a leash after it was found wandering in the laundry room, Mr. Pinyerd picked his dog up like a baseball, angrily walked over to his apartment and threw his dog into the apartment a good 10-15 feet. His dog immediately began to cry in pain, and Pinyerd slammed his front door with all of his strength.

The loudest door slam I have ever heard. His dog began to loudly cry and scream in pain while Mr. Pinyerd stomped away from his apartment leaving his dog in there to scream for a solid 10 minutes while he finished prancing around the complex. This is a really small dog...

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