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Country United States
State Kentucky
City Glasgow
Address 902 W Main St
Phone (833) 227-4387
Website Reviews

  • Feb 12, 2020

DO NOT SEND ANYTHING TO THIS COMPANY. the original address was in Glasgow ky and it has changed to meridian IL. I sent them my supplies which were delivered on the 8th. a Saturday. ( office closed ) They received them on the 10th. never received payment.

they have stolen from alot of people. they also go by the test strips ladies. same email address used for both. scammers and theives.

  • Oct 3, 2019

Okay so I have been doing buisnes with this company for about almost 3 years and they have always paid me on time. On July 27,2019 I sent them a box with my medical teast strips, it was received on July 30,2019 at 8:15am by agent that is what the post office said.

I called and called and no anwer. I emailed them i do not know how maney times and nothing. So I decided to call one morning real early it was 7 am and they answerd and acording to them they needed to catch up on billing and they were trying to fix the problem and that tey apologize for the broblem, I thought it would take abought a week or 2 and nothing same story all the time.

So I filed a complaint BBB and acording to them that thet were trying to catch up on billing but it went from that to not even getting a respond from them from just being ignord, so the BBB had to close my case because they were not responding or anwering their phone,if you look on the BBB website they have over 102 complaints from

The last time I called was abought 3 weeks ago same story we are trying to catch up I finally I said please be onest and do not lie is it going to take one month or two month she said i do not know it made me so mad that i just said how abought if i just sue you and they said go ahead... I think what they need is a reality check, and just sue them for our money, I hope this helps please do not send your medical test strips they are not ging to pay you... it is a scam.

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