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  • Apr 13, 2020

Scammers Themselves

Don't ever trust anything on this website. The admin Alan Jones there does not even have a clue on help to people against fraud or scam. are filled with spam which one would never trust in a junk mail. The website is rubbished with stupid junk mails and no feeling to real people faced real scammers. Alan Jones is rude and self-overestimated, does not respond or explain or help.

There is not even a normal forum to find there, just random and stupid messages everywhere. Warning to avoid such websites like this because I have sense they help the scammers and collaborate with them. The system is made to help the scammers because if you post something, you find it on Google. So can find it anyone and change the details or direction.

Don't be fool and trust People say it's there to make money from display ads using the website visitors for their own benefits, also collaborating with the scammers. Since the admin is so stupid and rude, they not warn, advise or especially help against frauds. That website is just helping for scammers and fraudsters. Just think that anyone can make account there, even the scammers. And remember people, you CANNOT delete your account and details you input there...

Stupid and dumb website for spam instead of real people's problems like scams and frauds. Report it better to the authorities instead of these internet 'helpers'. Don't be fooled these websites cannot do anything for you!

  • Oct 25, 2018

AllenJones is a very sad case of a person expecting a free ride into riches and fame. He could not be accepted because he has no way to perform according to accepted criteria. Now is is really pisssed at me and others for not turning him into a billionaire. He reported me on as someone to avoid. Yet he presents absoluty no evided to support his claim that I am myself a scammer. He simly present some of my offerings; current amd discontinued, programs and simply expects readers to believe they are not valid. He presents no eviodence simply because no evidence exists.

  • Mar 9, 2018

The Scammer Police Are Scammers Themselves

I signed up with and posted my own reviews. But after one incident where one of the moderators acted discourteous I decided to do some search on the site. Lo and behold they are listed on Rip Off Report. Several businesspeople from around the globe post how they have been maligned by Alan Jones, the alleged owner of the site. He and another co-owner, Mike Wilson allegedly shake down reputable businesses. They post fabricated complaints about businesses. Then someone contact the businesses to tell them they are listed on Then Alan Jones or his partner in crime would ask the business owner to settle for as much as US$5,000 to "repair" their business reputation. And if they go to their website to protest by leaving a comment they make sure to delete any comments about their crime. The reason I believe these people is that I personally wrote a private message to Alan Jones about what I found on Rip Off Report. Instead of responding to me and defend himself by either denying it or make up some story I was banned from the website. I don't need to post there. I don't get paid for posting. I don't get commendations. But I feel bad that I was part of an organization whose mission appears to be to help people avoid scams but the parties mentioned who are the main principals of the website allegedly engage in fraud by shaking down businesses to pay extortion. What a shame. These people belong in prison. The fact that I was banned when I brought up the scheme I read about tells me that what I read on Rip Off Report is true. And their mission is to make money by extortion disguising themselves as a site meant to help the public.



  • Dec 27, 2017 Liars and Scammers Themselves!

Scamwarners, Alan Jones, and Mike Wilson are arrogent liars. They hide behind fake names, don't give an address or phone to contact them, only one email address which you have to pry out of them. Alan Jones lists his location as Europe, where is their transperency? They do not do due dilligence like they say and only use information that is put on the internet and then make assumptions. They do not contact the company or let you rebutt thier accusations. They label you as a scammer and shut you down. You email them including Mike Wilson and defend your self and they do not want to hear it. They are not helping anyone. You try to correct them and they just do not want to hear it If they are so transparent, let them put their contact information here and not just an email address. Tell us where you are. They are probably a couple of kids in moms basement. yes Alan Jones, you are hurting legitiment businesses because you can not be bothered to check out the correct information.

  • Mar 9, 2018

Alan Jones Banned Me From His Scammwarner Website

I was a member of Alan's site with only two posts. But one of the moderators was rude so I did some research and found the website listed on Rip Off Report. When I confronted Alan Jones with what I found I was banned. I'm not even a business owner. I don't want to be part of an organization that is extorting innocent people. There are lots of genuine scams posted by members I agree. I posted a couple of them myself. But for Alan Jones to allegedly fabricate scams then extort thousands of dollars from innocent small business people in unethical. He will repair the negative image for a fee. The man, along with Mike Wilson, belong in prison. I suggest you post on his Linkedin profile. From what I heard he is not on Facebook as most reputable sites are. So maybe he can be shamed on Linkedin. I found him listed here on Linkedin:

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  • Sep 12, 2017

Help I have a funding company. One of the investment groups we work with we heard a negative report about them was posted on the scam warners website. I called them to find out why they had posted the company on the site. We told them as far as we knew they were a great company and were already closing a couple of projects with them. They got very defiant with me. Although they list the company and say they are a scam. They list no reason of thier belieef and do not list anything they have supposedly done. The next thing I know they put me all over there site accusing me of being a scam. They put my picture on the site and put in red letters across the picture scammer. They used all kinds of profanities discussing me on the site. They listed all of our very legitatmate business we have operated for years. I am also a pastor and have a wedding and bible school company as well as two TV shows we produce. In additrion we have our funding company. They show no reasons for doing this and do not say what I am scamming people about they just are trying to hurt our reputation because I confronted them.This site is a community site with no professionals on it and no oversite and anyone can post what every they want. they have one guy who posted about me and his name was given along with several other what they call "monitors". This one guys brags who posted about me he had posted over 5000 people/ They have what are called adminstrators who are only volunteer people and probably won there spot by posting alot of off report and other legitamate sites require full info on the reporter and it is verified what they are saying.

This site and do and say what ever they feel and feel they are accountable to no one. I am sure there are alot of people who really want to hurt them. One of the Monitors looks like a scam himself he is from Africa. This community site allows anyone with a unsubstantiated grudge to file what ever they want . As you know true or not when it gets posted to the internet it is posted.

I am asking for help from all who read this to start a compain against this very evil site. They are hurting alot of good companies and people and they answer to no one. Be careful contacting them as I did as they are vengful and simply started posting lies about me and our companies.Please put up postings against this illigitamate site and help drive them out of the internet. I believe they are in England.If you find out things about them please post on every scam website you can find.They only way to stop these self entitled people from playing God with people and thier reputations as well as companies reputations is to drive them off the internet. I am sure they are some sincere people in this site but the bad far outway the good. Most are doing it out of a feeling of power and to hurt people.If enough things get said about them people will not want to be apart of it. Being a community based it is hard to sue them. We are taking this to international and national law enforcement as well and consulting with attorneys to file lawsuits

  • Aug 18, 2017

Alan Jones o quien sea realmente utiliza su website para difamar y calumniar y despues chantajea pidiendo dinero por borrar la difamacion

Alan Jones or whoever is really using his website to slander and slander and then blackmail asking for money to erase defamation

  • May 29, 2017 run by Alan Jones or Alan Chris Jones allegedly as they hide behind private ownership of domain are scam artists themselves. They post numerous articles with advice which is clearly naive and post negative information and/or lies about businesses and refuse to subtantiate. When I contacted them and asked them to remove the lies they refused unless I paid them money.I have heard of others they have tried to do the same to.

  • Dec 14, 2016

Alan Jones is in the business to discredit real companies. He posts lies about you, deletes any information that proves that your company is a valid company because it does not fit thier agenda. Then if you complain, they extort money form you to look into you complaint. After they look into your complaint they ask for tens of thousand of Euros to remove the post from thier site. They are the lowest of low. Please do not give them any money, they are not there to protect anyone, just to extort money from businesses because they think a business will just pay and not sue them. They are in for a big surprise!

  • Dec 9, 2016

Alan Jones, Scamwarner, is a Fraud, They put anyone in their list as scammer without knowing the truth or verifying before posting anyone a scammer. Even if they dont have any victim or a single complaint.

When you contact them to remove their false post, they would't listen to it even if you send authorised documents to them, they call the documets are fake without seeing it.

If you doing online marketing of your business then you are a scammer!!!

This whole community is sick. They do anything to anyone for fame & money,

I offered them personally to come office and verify us. They ignored it. they know i am not scammer but they would not remove the post just because of their fake reputation or they may want some money to be offered by my side, which i can't do for the bloody fraudisters.

This kind of people should't be in the business , file report against them.

  • Nov 23, 2016

I run a small scale financial consulting firm which sometimes through my network, link buyers of financial instrument or petroleum product with each other. One of our new clients informed us about a post online about us. This post happened to be made against us in scamwarners website moderated by Alan Jones.

The reason that made him to list us in such an illegitimate website is because we only have a webform, instead of physical address. And to them, that was enough reason to list our company and my personal details online as a scammer.

When it came to my notice about the listing on the website of scamwarner, I tried to make contact with them informing them that they have crossed the line, and they have unjustly listed a legitimate company and person on their website, and they should delist me with immediate effect from their list. They replied and asked me to send personal documents like certificate of registration and all my licences of operation before they could remove my name and company name from the register, I refused to send anything to them.

I told him that if there is any reason to for me to send my documents to verification, I will only do that to a legitimate organisation, with right to do that. And secondly, their way of operation is unprofessional, hence I cannot trust them enough to send such personal documents to them.

Alan Jones accused us of not having a physical address on our website as a sign that we are scammers, however I have searched on the website of scamwarner, and could not find any physical address of them, so if that is the criteria of listing companies as a scam in their website, then they should be listed aswell.

I wish to use this medium to bring their shaddy acts to light and stop them from hurting other.

  • Sep 13, 2016

Alan Jones and Scamwarners are an internet scammer.

They look for unsuspecting companies then have so called concerned citizens

post bogus information on them .....while you try to defend yourself, they post other lies.........


Alan Jones comes on and Lies more about you.

they post more false information about that company to make everyone think that the company is a scam!!


They then say that for $5,000.00 they will reasearch the LIES they POSTED.....!!!!

They wanted to charge $5,000.00 to start a review with no clear end in sight. !!!

They of course said this over the phone so I have no proof to post but I know I am not the only victim of their defamation plans...

I am starting this thread so that others know they are LIARS and CHEATS.

I know they have charged others money..... and if you fell vicitim to their defamation Scam then please post here so we can start a class action lawsuit to put them out of business.

Due to Freedom of information, I cannot just stop them in a court of law. their has to be more people who come out and make that here is our chance.

They have cost me thousands of dollars in bad press and then when I went to respond and defend myself against their LIES .....

They closed down the thread so I or anyone else could post the facts.....

they did not want the truth out because then no one would read their posts.....

Alan Jones told me he would never let the post go away because everyone thinks that scamwarners are protecting people, in fact they are extortionists taking money from innocent people.....

They are not getting a single dime from me and I am going to continue to post everywhere letting others know what SCAMMERS they are!!!!

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