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San Jose BMW Motorcycles

Country United States
State California
City San Jose
Address 1990 W San Carlos St
Phone 408-295-0205

San Jose BMW Motorcycles Reviews

  • Jan 23, 2018


Bad pricing, poor customer service, this is not the place you want to get your BMW serviced nor is it the place you want to go to buy a new bike. Go anywhere but San Jose BMW Motorcycle!

  • Jan 4, 2018

Overpriced Motorcycles, Dishonest Owner, Poor Customer Service

The one nice thing I will say about San Jose BMW Motorcycle is that they have nice bikes. But unfortunately that's the extent of nice things I have to say about them.

Any positive reviews you read online about them are either purchased or done by employees, so don't trust a thing you read online. The owner is known for being one of the most dishonest businessmen around San Jose, going back for years. His reputation among us locals is horrible, to say the least. None of us would ever buy a motorcycle or take it to get serviced from San Jose BMW Motorcycle.

Buyer BEWARE!!!!

  • Dec 18, 2017

I went into San Jose BMW last week and it’s taken me a little time to be able to sit down and write this review so others could understand what I experienced while there. I’m disabled and often use a wheelchair when I think I might be inside a business for more than just a few minutes as my back has problems and I also have issues with my legs swelling when I stand for long periods of time. Even with the wheelchair, I am still a fully functioning man and can do basically anything that any other man can do. This includes riding a motorcycle.

I’m not much for reading reviews and definitely not one for writing a review, but by the time I left San Jose BMW, I felt like I was a fool who had fallen prey to an online scam or had just been bullied by someone who thought I was inferior to them. Online scams and others who will run a scam are pretty low, but when someone makes a disabled man feel like he is less than a man at all, well, that is pretty low.

I had my girlfriend drive me to the bike shop because we live together and as a couple, we make decisions together on major purchases. My goal for the day was to find a bike I felt I couldn’t live without and then proceed to buy it. I planned to have it transported home to be able to ride this coming week when we head to Arizona to visit my brother for Christmas. Unfortunately, this was not meant to be and I can thank the staff at San Jose BMW for their lack of assistance and the way they treated me while I was inside their business.

First, when we got to the shop, my girlfriend hopped out of our truck and grabbed my wheelchair. I could have done this on my own, but she is the sweetest woman in the world and she got out of the truck before I did. This must have led the guys inside to believe that I wasn’t able to do anything on my own.

We went into the showroom with my girlfriend pushing the chair for me. Not one person offered to show us a bike or even acknowledged that we were there until I asked if someone could help us. The man I spoke to looked over my shoulder and asked my girlfriend if she would be riding the bike. I was sitting in my chair and asked the man why he just ignored me and went directly to my girlfriend to ask if she was going to be the one riding. He said he just assumed that since I was in a chair that she would be the one who was looking for a bike.

I was blown away not only by what he said to me but by the fact that when I spoke to him, he blew me off like I was mentally challenged just because I was sitting in a wheelchair. He spoke to me like I was a child and not like the 38-year old man that I am. To say the least, I stood up, folded my chair and walked to the truck and tossed it in the back. I may have spun the tires a little bit while I was leaving the lot.

I have never in my life been treated like I was worthless by any business professional, and this guy was less than professional with his assumptions that I was not the looking for a bike and by the way he treated me like I was mentally disabled rather than just a man sitting in a wheelchair looking for a motorcycle. The way he acted upset me so bad that I decided to wait until after the holidays to even shop for a new bike. They could have made a big sale last week, but thanks to improperly trained jerks, they just lost what could have been a good customer to them.

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