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report scam


Country United States
State California


  • Feb 16, 2019

Anne trickey has been mis-managing the street artist program for 2 years. She has harassed me and filed false sfpd police reports for events that did not take place. Trickey doesn't respond to sfpd lt. When they call and insists even after seeing cell phone tape-that she was assaulted.

Trickey harassed and threightned william clark, the founder of the street artist program. She insisted via email that she be addressed as mx. Trickey otherwise hispermit would be revoked.

Trickey harassed jeff potter and revoked his permit simply becasue he walked through a dooway at the same time as him. He was charged with sexual assault and it was trickey who ran the meeting and testified.

Trickey has over 41 orders issued against her by the sf board of supervisors. She refuses to turn over requested documents and refuses to attend sunshine hearings. She can not run a meeting correctly. Late minutes; failure to record public comment and altering documents.

Do know why she is still employed but she is the niece of the director of cultural affairs.

  • Feb 14, 2019


In 2018, i had a few outstanding parking tickets. In lieu of full payment which i could not afford-

i opted for 40 hours of communty service. I was assigned to the san francisco arts commission offices

at 401 van ness ave.

the 1st day, i was ordered by both barbara mumby Barbara mumby-huerta) and anne trickey that i must address them as mx. Trickey and mx. Mumby. I was told that if i did not, i was, 'going to jail".

both mumby and trickey told me to shread documents relative to a sunshine request. They did not want to get their

hands dirty and i was told to do it under the threight of jail. They did not want to turn over documents to the requestor.

i was told to tell members of the public who walked into the office that, "trickey was not there". Trickey was there.

i tried to talk to the department head, tom decaigny. He refused. I was told that rickey was his niece.

i lasted three days there and returned to the court. I told them of my experience and asked for reassignment.

there is not doubt that there are illegal activites going on at the sfac and that both mumby and trickey are

engaged in various forms of illegal activity.

  • Feb 12, 2019

Anne trickey has filed another meritless and malicous case in federal court on february 1, 2019. She now claims that a web site which she has never bothered to do a domain search on is owned by someone who does not own the site. Trickey has not provided any contact informaiton for the

Respondant in the initial filing; has misrepresented the facts and/or not provided any facts at all. Trickey also asked for a fee waiver for the $400 filing fee. That was denied. Is she crazy?

  • Feb 8, 2019

Anne trickey is a low level staffer at the sf arts commission. Except for being the niece of the director of cultural affairs, she has no real talents and hates artists. On june 15, 2018 @ 8am, she ran up on an artistnot in the street artist program and not under their jurisdiction. She tried to provoke the artist. The artist taped her from her cell phone. This can be seen on youtube: anne trickey hard at work. Trickey filed an assult report. It was dismissed for lack of evidence.

Four months later, trickey claimed in court that she was assaulted. After viewing the cell phone footage, trickey still claimed she was assaulted.

Four months later, trickey made another meritless filing in federal court. She claimed she was again assulted in a copyright filing. Once again, no evidence was presented to support her claims.

No one at the sfac responds to emails or returns calls.