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RPM Investors, Inc.

Country United States
State Illinois
City Elburn
Address 18 N Main St
Phone 312-385-0449

RPM Investors, Inc. Reviews

  • Apr 14, 2018

When I first moved in on January 1, 2018, Tim was behind someone, if not himself, going into my apartment at (2205 w greenfield ave lower front in Milwaukee, WI) between the hours of about 5p.m. January 2, 2018 and 6p.m. January 3, 2018 and stealing a $50 Ugly Stick fishing rod. Also putting a piece of twine with a clothes pin cross the doorway entrance of the furnace room. Then in February of 2018 he rented to people upstairs. I heard him talking about harssing me and wanted them to do this which they agreed to. He also told people living across the hall downstairs to harass and intimidate me. He told people he knew to bang on my front door, stand outside while yelling things, and follow me around WI and ILL and harass me. The harassment entailed banging on the floors at all hours. Talking through the floor and going in and out verbally harassing me outside on the side by my windows. Throwing garbage, stealing mail, slammimg doors, listening to everything I say and do as well as going into the upper above me himself and verbally harassing me through the floor. There was also verbal sexual harassment. There has also been several calls to the police due to the harassment against me. Do not rent from him unless it's that or homelessness.

  • Apr 4, 2017

Where do I begin to explain what kind of property managers this company is.... To tell the entire story of how RPM INVESTORS INC. mismanaged and conducted business in a fraudulent manner would take many many pages to write. Including documents obtained by investigators hired by me. So, I'll try to keep this as short and to the point as I can. It started in April of 2014 when I had purchased a property from another fraud company, named BUY PD. During this transaction, I was told every rental property I invested in would be fully re-habbed, with tenants and property managers in place so I would not have to go through the process of finding them myself. At that time, I purchased 5 properties, one located in Milwaukee Wisconsin.

Enter RPM INVESTORS INC. at first, I noticed it had taken me many weeks to even get in touch with RPM to let them know I was the new property owner ain't the rental funds should be transferred to me instead of the prior owners. Once I did get in touch with an employee of RPM, Guy Homa, I was told no funds would be released to me until I proved I was the new owner of the property. Until then, they would not even speak to me about the property. I thought, fair enough. So I proceeded to submit the proper documents to RPM, in order to start collecting the necessary funds to make the mortgage payments for the property. After I had proven to them that I truly was the new owner, I was informed by RPM that the property needed major repairs and until then, no funds would be released to me.

(Starting to see a theme here?) Well, this is when i contacted BUY PD, whom you remember had said prior to buying the property that they would be fully re-habbed. After an ensuing battle to make BUY PD honor their word, the repairs were finally made to the property. This was already nearly 3 months into owning the property, which meant I was paying the mortgage out of my own pocket. Finally, after 3 months, I asked RPM INVESTORS INC, if the could please put the 3 months of back rent into my business account to which they responded that they would have to hold most of the funds for other "repairs" and "maintenance" that came up. Things like snow removal, lawn care, etc... we'll get to these things later in this report.

After some time went by, I was noticing that I had to practically beg them to deposit monthly funds into my business account or they would never do it. So every month I sent them an email asking for them to deposit rent funds from my 2 tenants (the property is a duplex). They would tell me they forgot and then take another 4 to 7 days to actually deposit the funds. There were times they would go 4 months without paying me if I didn't remind them to deposit the funds. After some time went by, one of the tenets had to be evicted, so they hired a moving company to move the Genentech's out and charged me for the funds to pay the movers. I asked why I had to pay for a tenant to be evicted from my property when they hadn't paid rent? I was told, "that's how it's done in Milwaukee" .

I told them I had never heard of that before in my entire life. Well, to shorten the story a bit, the movers were actually a company that went in and cleaned the house out of all the trash and dumped it on the front lawn and left it there. Then wouldn't you know it.... the city employees drove by the property and reported that trash was sitting outside the house and becoming a nuisance to the neighborhood. I was fined for this and RPM decided it was my responsibility to pay the fine. I was shocked because I would have never even found out they didn't hire movers if I did some research for myself by contacting the tenent that still lived in my home. Well, by this time tension was starting to develope between TIM REZEK (owner), AJ PATERA AND RPM INVESTORS STAFF and myself. I began to notice the truly unprofessional and fraudulent ways on which TIM REZEK was operating his company.

More on this in a minute. After some time went by, I grew tired of always having to beg for rental funds to be deposited into my bank and tension began to become greater. As I began to look into my property and RPM a little bit deeper, I began to notice things were not being presented to me, by TIM REZEK (RPM OWNER) and his associates, in a completely honest way. I decided maybe it was time to confront what was happening and why I was not receiving my rental funds in a timely manner. During a phone conversation between TIM REZEK, my assistant and myself, things became quite heated. At one point, Mr. REZEK, called us idiots and stupid. I asked why and he said, " because people like you have no idea what the F*** they're doing". I was taken aback and became very distraught. My assistant then began to call him to task for the lies they had been telling us.

At the end of this heated transaction, right before we hung up the phone he called my assistant a c**t. I called back to confront him about his tone and the manner to which he was speaking. He denied ever saying the things he said but fortunately we taped the conversation and have documented proof of this fact. On a side note, we had received an anonymous email, that I assumed was from GUY HOMA ( guilty conscience), that we should get away from RPM INVESTORS INC, because they were lying to us and many other investors about what they were doing with invested funds. I decided it was time to cut ties with RPM INVESTORS INC and find a new property management company to take care of my tenant and my property.

During this time I actually spoke to the tenent and found out just how deep the lies were. She stated TIM REZEK had only seen her one time and really didn't contact her for anything. I asked her if the repairs to the house were made by the contractors hired by RPM INVESTORS, and she laughed and said" I have no idea what you're talking about. My husband and I take care of all the repairs to the house". I inquired as to how often the guys came out to shovel the snow and take care of the lawn that I was being charged for every month. Once again, she laughed and said, " we do all the snow shoveling and lawn care. You're getting told lies".

At this point, I was fuming mad. I immediately contacted my attorney and asked him to draw up papers to end our business contract with RPM INVESTORS INC, and that I wanted the last month of rent and the security deposits that were still owed to me. Well, as you can probably guess, I've received no payments nor any response from TIM REZEK other than one email that stated, " We'll square up with you". Well MR. REZEK, you have yet to "square up” with me in any way shape or form. ALERT:::::: For those of you that are in contract with RPM INVESTORS INC.... Get away from them NOW!!!! For those of you that are thinking of doing business with RPM INVESTORS INC, DONT DO IT... STAY AWAY FROM THEM! For those of you that have never had contact with this company, count yourselves blessed and keep moving on! As a side note, there is much more to write but I felt this was enough and I have documented proof of everything I have written here. Thanks for reading!!!!

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