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Rose City Motor Group

Country United States
State Ohio
City Toledo
Address 635 S Reynolds Rd
Phone (866)531-5462

Rose City Motor Group Reviews

  • Aug 19, 2016

Baught a car month and a half ago. Three days after we baught the vehical the assist brake system, assist traction control and the red brake light came on and stayed on. Took it in. He said the brake light was on because the emergency brake was on. We did not mess with the brake. In turn, he said that was why all the warnings were coming on. The owner him self said to us...If this happens again. Bring it in. I will take care of it. Well it happened again. I called him, he said it will do that when it rains. only worry about it when the messages come on and stay on. which by the way they were. Told him they were. Got the run around from him. Took vehicle to a shop, they printed out what was wrong. The axle was leaking and the car needed brakes all around. He said that was why the brake light was on all the time because of it being low, and it was not advisable to drive the vehicle while in the shape that it was in. He also told us, that they had to have known about the situation. I sent the paperwork by fax to rose city motors. My husband also called them again and was told to hold on....they ended up hanging up with them. He went back on his word about fixing the problem/

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