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Roscoe Alvin Thomas

Country United States
State Illinois
City Skokie
Address 9933 Lawler Ave
Phone 312-566-6468

Roscoe Alvin Thomas Reviews

  • Apr 21, 2018

Has anyone done business with this man? His real name is "Roscoe Alvin Thomas." He has several aliases: Tony Thomas, T.K., or Tony Kash. He also conducts business through Unique Investments and TK Investments. He has STOLEN MILLIONS from innocent home owners with his network of "STRAWMAN BUYERS," "CUSTOM APPRAISALS" and "PREDATORY REAL ESTATE TRANSACTIONS." In the past he and his accomplices have targeted ELDERLY AFRICAN AMERICANS looking to sell their property for a profit so that they can retire. In every instance that we have tracked down, each of the homeowners had only received around $50K for their property after it sold for over $300K. (Guess who got the balance...Mr. Thomas) In every case the homeowners were led to believe that their property only "appraised for roughly $100K." Which meant after closing cost they would receive roughly $50K.

But because of revenue generated from the actual sell price ($300K +) the taxes owed to the IRS exceeded the $50K profit received by the homeowner. In every instance the homeowner didn't realize the tax problem the were facing until they filed taxes. All but one of profile’s Mr. Thomas targeted and represented in person at their closing were Elderly African American.

He also targeted innocent entrepreneurs looking to earn a living investing in real-estate. Mr. Thomas ran ads in several newspapers and on the side of roads that read: "Earn 10k to 25K weekly investing in real estate." We have identified several victims whom responded to those ads. For all of them this was there 1st time being involved in any real estate transaction. All of them where set up to be a “Strawman.” (Strawman is a term tied to thousands of contract and fraud cases in chancery and law court today.) In every instance the “Real Estate Investor’s” credit profile was manipulated to make them eligible to become a buyer. Each victim was paid approximately $10K once approved for a mortgage. They were all told that the rent from the tenants of the buildings they were purchasing would maintained by one of Mr. Thomas Companies and the mortgage payments would provide them with a monthly income as-well-as cover the newly acquired mortgage. In every instance the buyer ended up in Chancery court fighting off a foreclosure less than 90 days later. This process went on for 3 plus years or until the victims filed for bankruptcy. At each of their closings Mr. Thomas represented these targeted “Real Estate Investors” whom were all foreigners or African Americans with no experience in the real estate. Currently, all of them are dealing with their credit being ruined, litigation, and fighting off garnishments.

Roscoe Alvin Thomas has been arrested several times for fraud. I am a homeowner who fell victim to Mr. Thomas scam. I am still fighting for justice in this matter. My case numbers are 2011-L-000707 and 2010-CH-18952 If you were a victim please contact: Dan Dailey at Kingdom Litigators

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