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Rooms To Go

Country United States
State Florida
City Seffner
Address 11540 US Hwy 92 E
Phone (800) 766-6786

Rooms To Go Reviews

  • Nov 20, 2017

We bought 2 chairs barely 3 years ago. We are snow birds so just use them half a year. There are no small children or animals in the house. The air is left on when we are gone. The chairs started flacking and peeling after 3 months. When I checked the warranty it stated it was only for stains. Last year the flacking peeling increased. This year, it's now unusal for us to sweep up a half a cup of little particles. These particle look like bits of plastic.

  • Nov 23, 2016

On Nov 19th of 2016, I purchased a kids bed frame at Rooms To Go located in Brookshire, TX. I was asked to sign twice on an electronic pad. First was for "credit card payment". Then I was asked to sign again. The sales person, Emmanuel Gonzalez, said "this is for you to pick up, not for us to deliver"

I was supposed to pick up the bed frame on Nov 23rd. I took my daughter there, and she did not like the bed frame, so I decided NOT to pick up the bed frame, and to return it instead. However, the store manager (Vanessa Navarrete) told me that I have to pay 20% re-stocking fee. I have not even picked up the bed frame, how come the re-stocking fee? Where is the re-stocking? The store manager then said I had signed a "terms and conditions of sales contract" that specified re-stocking fee. Apparently, while they told me that my signature was for "picking up", they actually put my name on the "sales contract", which was never mentioned until now. Although they fraudulently put my signature onto a document what was never even mentioned, they insisted that the "sales contract" was valid, and I have to pay the re-stocking fee.

  • Jul 8, 2016

Purchased a 2 Piece Sectional from Rooms To Go in late 2014 along with the fabric protection and the extended warranty after it was recommended by our sales associate as "covering everything with full repair or replacement". Well, fast forward a little over a year and the main piece of our sectional has stitching that is separating at the seams of the main cushion (a full length cushion that is sewn to the couch base mind you). These are not decorative stitches as these stitches hold the microfiber fabric to the cushion itself. We call RTG and we are told to contact the warranty company. We do so and have to schedule an appointment to have a technician come view the concern. Technician comes out and says almost immeadiately "This shouldn't be happening" and proceeds to try and repair with needle and thread!!! After a few minutes of him trying and failing he decides to write a report and tells us that this will be covered.

Relieved, we wait on a call to see what steps to take next. Receive a call and we are told "This is not covered since the technician used the word "fraying" on his report". No fabric is fraying at all! There is thread coming undone at seams and the fabric is beginning to pull away from these seams. The warranty company agreed to send another technician out since we are told "The first technician was very new and may have made a mistake". Second tech come almost two weeks later and views the same thing. He states "This is not fraying at all. This is stitching coming apart at seams". The Warranty Contract states in Section 2, Letter H "The coming loose of stitching on seams is a covered cause of loss". Now we are dealing with Jodi at the Warranty Company are we are being told that this is still not covered because it is "decorative stitching".

This sticthing is holding fabric to the cushion! How is this decorative stitching since it is neccessary to secure fabric to a cushion? Now we are being told this is a "Non-Parel Warranty" and we are not told what this means, only that someone will get back with us. Talk about a waste of money, false advertising of a product and service and overall headache. Rooms To Go has forever lost our business and we are letting everyone we know about our experience. Some friends of our loved the way of sectional looks and were going to buy the same thing ina different color but we referred them to our Rep at Star Furniture where we were treated like actual customers instead of an ANNOYANCE. We received follow-up from our Star Furniture rep and they are truly trying to earn our business and referrals.

Not once have we been contacted by Rooms TO Go and it feels as though spending several thousand dollars there means nothing to them. They are just banking on volume of business vs. volume of complaints. I can tell you... word gets out now. Yelp,

  • Jun 9, 2016

Even though Rooms to Go is in many states,the furniture comes from the same suppliers.

Purchased a couch and other furniture in 8-2014.

This furnuiture was put in my vacation home and is less than 2 years old with extremely light use,its still new.

6 -2016...noticed last week there was wood hanging down under the couch.The wood frame work had come loose.

Contacted CS @ [email protected] I was amazed at the quick reply...

Out of 1 year warranty

"Call a furniture repair shop" and "manitence has to be done on furniture"

How do you manitain a wood frame in a couch?

I have No Kids No Pets and am 60 years old and weight 190lbs.

The furniture is in a seldom used vacation home .

RTG can you come up with a better response?

The closing statement from RTG CS Rep Ashley was...

"hope to be able to better serve your furniture needs in the future"

If you can not be better now what w

  • Jan 18, 2016

STAY AWAY!!! You will be lied to. I purchased a mattress from Rooms to go Christmas Eve 2015 (Pinevill). It was delivered about two weeks later. I was told by Mark that I could return mattress for about 100 bucks (he called it restocking fee) or I could purchase another mattress of equal or more value. I was ok with this and it sounded fair enough. Well I went there on January 16 to return my mattress. I looked online first to see what was available in mattresses and RTG did not have the mattress in the Charlotte region for me to go look at. Did not want to buy another mattress online. Went to service desk and it was the Manager of the store, said I cannot return mattress but would be happy to show me another. I said I don't even think they sent me the right mattress I tried in the store. The one in the store was had more support. Then he suggested that a technician come out. I reiterated what I was told several times to no avail. Then he said I SIGNED A CONTRACT. BE SURE TO LOOK AT THE BACK OF THE SIGNED RECEIPT. YOU CANNOT READ IT. When I asked the manager if he could read it he said he could. (The receipt looks like in may of bled through) Then, I was very pissed. And asked several customers in the store if they could read this, and all said NO. The manager was a bully at best. So he follows me around the store then says that he is going to escort me to the front door. So, I said I will leave without speaking to customers if he leaves me alone. So as I turn to leave because he made me nervous, my purse knocked over a vase. I did not mean for that to happen that is for sure. I walked out of the store on my own accord and did as I promised and did not speak to anyone in the store. I ran into two ladies in the parking lot and we were having a pleasant conversation about my hometown and who comes out but the Manager. Like I am under scrutiny. He walks by, around three feet from us and then goes around us and walks back about three feet. Since he did this, I told the two ladies what went on. One of them said they heard this before and only came to RTG to get ideas not to buy. They said they would not buy here.



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