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Rooming Inc.

Country United States
State Arizona
City Scottsdale
Address PO Box 5551
Phone 602.348.2174

Rooming Inc. Reviews

  • Apr 4, 2016

Rooming is a hoax, their mission is to help the homeless, that is a lie in itself, he is about lining his pockets and not helping the homeless. He is getting federally subsidized money, and your living 3 to a room at $1700 per head,it is a one room apartment, no cooking faculties, the apt are filthy nasty,mattress are filthy also w/bedbugs. He feeds you pork slop,and get your foodstamps. He house the criminally insane,meth heads,crack smoker's, you name it, they live there. The people who have homes in the area ,want him out of the neighborhood, because he is devaluing their homes. The women that are there,sell themself for cigarettes, drugs etc. mr.brown doesn't care,he has over 20 city code violation's thru-out the complex,

one there is no second exit, if a fire break out, one-way out! Two is extra two people to a one-room apt (single-room occupy only)!. If a fire break out, the back bedroom window has iron bars and the the window is too narrow to get out of if the fire break out in the front area,you doomed and he know this!.three he get your foodstamps and feed you if you eat it, hog slop! The people who are not in their heads eat it, because they are hungry! Their clothes are nasty, filthy, urine soaked, or feces ,no shoes on their feet,hair uncombed,charging $500.00 rent per person (3-people )to a room,plus federal housing volcher money, the first and the third of the month, yes he gets money three times. You need to check on this man ,name mr.elijah brown, before it's too late and someone dies, all to line his pockets, as he stated to me , "these people are only money to me" !!. DON'T COME HERE! !.

  • Nov 2, 2015

My nonprofit got ripped off my nonprofit got ripped off by Richard King PR working with Kim king and baby call me to ask for $25,000 to get 1 million dollars in 21 days I did bank wire the money to them and waited my 21 days and when 21 days come Richard King made all type of excuses not to pay us our money back its been 3 months I sent the money and in April May June July and I still have not received not one money he also say that he will refund me and now its been over 1 month and he keep making excuses on that he's in the hospital he is tired and is he still making excuses not to refund

$25,000 back we are now seeking the FBI report which is called the c13 we also reporting to rip off so that if you are a client a victim of his client this would be the way to come back and join forces to help us to bring down this cook we want I want to file an FBI report and I will keep proceeding in that state to take down his business license revoked a business license from fraud and others on the scam or working out of the country if you are a victim of this please rewrite and let us know about you but do not give no money to anyone of King King King is quarterback in all the time he also have gave me the Allen West Check 25000 now Richard King have took twenty five thousand so I am in the hole for $50,000 our nonprofit anyone can find on the website www. You mean

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