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Roofmax Corp

Country United States
State Florida
City Jacksonville
Address 4237 Salisbury Rd Suite 125
Phone (904) 302-6803

Roofmax Corp Reviews

  • Dec 1, 2016

Buyer Beware! This company will approach you stating they can get your insurance company to cover your damaged roof at no cost to you! They have you sign stating you're authorizing them to discuss your roof situation with your insurance company. They say you're under no obligation to them, & if you decide to go with another company, you just pay them for what they had done thus far. Well, low & behold, you find out later that you did in fact sign for them to do the job & they have your insurance company write a three party check that's supposed to be submitted to Roofmax! Roofmax in then says you're still responsible for your deductible! So much for nothing out of pocket! There were other roofing companies quoting the job for much less than the insurance said it would cost which means Roofmax was trying to get $2-$3000 more for the same job! They also refuse to give you anything in writing detailing what they're exactly doing for the job! They also won't give you a start date for the job! They then hold you hostage stating there's a $2000.00 cancellation fee! Well, we opted to pay their ransom instead of getting a shotty job that would be with us for years to come! They come knocking, slam the door!!

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