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Ronnie Moas The Lunatic

Country United States
State Florida
City Miami
Address 1504 Bay Road # 2210

Ronnie Moas The Lunatic Reviews

  • Dec 15, 2018

Ronnie calls himself a financial analyst. While he may be intelligent, he is completely unhinged and is ruled by vicious, petulant behavior.

In July 2017 Ronnie was piad $40k and given 2,000,000 coins to write a report on a crypto business. Feb 2018 he recommended this cryptocurrency called Dignity ($DIG) to his 3,000 subscribers and pumped it for 10 months...WITHOUT FIRST DISCLOSING HIS PAYMENT AND INTEREST. He came out as a strong BUY and said it would return 1000% within days/weeks/months. They company has been working with publicly traded companies and governments for their business plan. The goverments have been putting legislation in place for a new asset class. This type of new legislation takes time to be done correctly and the company experienced delays in their projected timelines.

During this time Ronnie was constantly harrassing the company, up to several times a day.

When they finally cut off contact with him and the entire crypto market was down, he attempted to extort $700K from the business by threatening to slander them on social media. It's presumed he lost subcribers and wanted to recoup he expenses.

As he was personally invested in DIG, he was always biased. Ronnie has a history of emotionally charged, irrational behavior. Once he was cut off, he began his full mental meltdown.

He told his subscribers to HOLD while he went on a full out attack against the company to try and bring the investment down to ZERO. Literally trying to DESTROY THE FINANCIAL INVESTMENT OF HIS SUBCRIBERS.

He then told his subscribers to SELL, while HE PUBLICLY REFUSES TO SELL HIS OWN HOLDINGS OF 3,000,000 COINS. He rationalizes this by saying he doesn't want to dump the coins on anyone else. He could easily give them away to charity, his own subscribers or destroy them.

RONNIE MOAS GIVES OUT COMPLETELY IRRATIONAL FINANACIAL ADVICE, against the best interest of his subscribers. It can only be construed as an emotionally driven, mentally unstable behavior.

He admits this behavior in a 2015 court case. He used a photo on his website without permission. When asked to remove it, he responded with a profanity-laced tirade. In a letter he wrote to the court, acting as his own attorney, he asked to be excused for his foul language because the lawyers made him so angry and he has a chemical imbalance. He then stated that really, he was the victim in all of this. A theme he uses again in his latest meltdown.

He's like a child who throws a temper tantrum when he doesn't get his way. When told "No" he doubles down on profanity, threats and nastiness. He takes no responsibility for his own words or actions, instead constantly blaming others as he spins further out of control. Would you listen to a child acting this way? It's sad when it's a grown man behaving like this.

Ronnie Moas cannot be trusted for rational, professional analysis...much less financial advice. DO NOT waste your time or money following him or using his services.

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