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  • Nov 20, 2015

Attended A Day with the Master Ron Legrand to Discuss America's Perfect Home Business.

Ron Legrand said in his advertisement, "I'll bring some of our mentors with me (namely Lynette Wolffe) and they'll spend all morning calling your sellers and making deals for you. Then after lunch I'll go over the ones they reached and discuss exactly what you do next to get paid. You'll lave with a completed contract on all the deals we can get done that day."

On two of my sellers Lynette Wolffe said she spoke to the seller and wrote on my Property Information Sheet the deal she cut with them.

When I got home I spoke with my sellers and SHE NEVER EVEN TALKED TO THEM!

She wrote ficticious numbers on my lead sheet that were made up since she never spoke to the seller then set up a ficticious appointment time for me to meet with my seller.

Of course no deal was done and they did not do any paperwork and made me look like a scam artist in front of my sellers.

They got me on stage in front of the class on and in front of who knows how many people live stream bragging about the deal they did not make seducing people into buying their mentoring and courses based on they're accomplishment that day.

Ron Legrand as a guru in my opinion is for those who don't know any better or know enough he is pulling the wool (and Wolffe!) over they eyes.

There are much better mentors. Try Scott Ulmer for example.

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