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Ronda Baker

Country United States
State North Carolina
City Greensboro

Ronda Baker Reviews

  • Feb 27, 2018

This is based on truth not opinions I have emails and text to prove it about Ronda Baker, a beloved family-friend, BEST FRIENDS with my mom, and perpetual liar. Is the sister of Pastor Baker of Fruit of The Spirit Church Greensboro , NC. She’s told me he’s a business partner so I reached out to him and he pretty much said I don’t have anything to do that but I’ll try to get her to call you. My mom and her is/was Best friends like my brothers lived with this lady for almost a year while my mom lived somewhere else . I met ronda through my mom when I was younger and when she was introduced to me as a sister figure of my mom. she was said to have her own broker investment company. I’d known her since I was about 20 years old which now I’m 27. I just want to shed light and my hope is simple I want to help save those people who may encounter this individual. DO NOT do business with her you will lose big. I’m saying all this to say it’s the ones that are close friends wanting to invest and make a few thousand are the most vulnerable to her scams. If it sounds to good to be true it probably is! She sat with my wife and I telling us oh I just wanna help young couples like you guys. Mind you I have a young family including a 2yr old and 1yr old.

Ok to start in Nov of 2016 I gave Ronda $8500 this was supposed to be all investments , in which she told me was being invested through her guy down in Atlanta mills group & associates Alex C Mills. Also I found out and I’ll say this the guy is super shady too after just googling his name I found several reports out there. Ronda said initially my investment was 100% covered through her company and I would not lose a dime of my money. I believed her bc I Invested prior for $5000 and it failed but she got me money back like she said. She then later came back and said she wasn’t responsible for paying me back and Alex Mills was supposed to pay me back. Since then his company Has emailed me and said they wer going to pay me instead but now he insist he’s not responsible stating he just did it bc Ronda told him to and he never collected any funds directly from me. In Dec 2016 she called me and was upset and crying. She told she some loan programs had not finalized and paid out as she had expected. Aside from money I’d "invested” she was calling get personal money. She let me know her broker was at risk for losing his license /Andrew and she needed funds to insure this didn’t happened by paying the annual recertification. She warned me that if it didn’t get done she would not be able to pay me in January like she promised and not having a licensed broker could had potentially brought on more issues. Needless to say she told me she needed asap possible.

So I gave her my Amex cc $8900 she spent on my on my Amex. She pulled some about $3500 in cash advance through her son Cody who worked at the Marriott in accounting Greensboro. The rest was used while she went out to eat, paid for dry cleaning, parking, her children’s Christmas, light bill, cable bill all without my permission. In fact when I saw it I cancelled it as she had almost maxed my cc out. Then she told my oh I’m going to get them to increase your cc limit bc I’m pay it off next month which was supposed to be Jan 2017. Month after month she sending me proof of funds.. lie after lie I promise we’re getting paid this month blah blah blah. In April she paid me $2500.

Today this date that is all I’ve collected from her. She even sat down with me and wife and promised to pay us $500 a month back July 2017 and to this day we haven’t heard from her. After this all communication has been via email. After not hearing from her I reached back out to her in September 2017 bc we didn’t collect any money she back in September 2017 emails me saying I’m gonna pay you every month on the 30th starting next month Mind you "her bills” she created had been coming every month Since Feb 2017. Oct nothing. In Nov 2017 so I reach out yet again Letting her know like look you need to take care of these bills she said did you reach out to me land says I have the money blah blah I’ll meet same story I’m in Atlanta and nothing. Playing games. She changed her number and refuses to stay in contact. She’s lied and told me to meet her at the bank and didn’t show and didn’t offer to call and let me know. She’s a real class act. At 27 this women has really messed my life up stole all of the money I had saved and left me with tons of debt. Ruined everything I had and some. She might seem cool but she really doesn’t know the pain and financial burden she put my young family in almost ruined my marriage bc of how I tried to help her in secrecy. I love her though bc she taught me a valuable lesson.

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