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Country United States
State Alabama

RM Reviews

  • Jan 22, 2019

This company is a total scam! i was contacted by carl mcneil asking if i wanted to send my clients to him as they have this amazing loan product. After reviewing his website and speaking with him a few times, i was convinced this was a solid company and this was an outstanding opportunity for my clients with a 10% down loan that will be funded in 90 days or so. One of clients sent him 100k, another 200k and another 9k and none of my clients have been funded. This bs has been going on for over a year now putting my clients business, family and their life in serious jeopardy. He constantly sends out these bs updates and bottom line not only have they not been refunded! his bs has also caused pain and hurt in my life and business as i was expecting my success fee after closing of these loans that would have established my new business but yet has destroyed my entire business and my life which has lead to my family breaking up. This guy is a total jerk so stay away. If he try to sell you anything please call the fbi as i'm sure by now, they are on to his scam. Do not be a victim of his b.S. Scam. Not right!!!!!!!!!

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