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Reliable Heating and Air

Country United States
State Georgia
City Kennesaw
Address 1305 Chastain Rd NW
Phone 770-594-9969

Reliable Heating and Air Reviews

  • Jul 29, 2016

Reliable Heating & Air has not provided great service. Around 4.27.16 a technician came to my house and diagnosed my non-working air conditioning system as a leak. I quote “9 out of 10 times it’s at the evaporator” which due to the age of the house would need a new compressor unit. The house was built in 1999 (Lennox unit). So I went ahead and purchased the Trane XR14 ($3464.05). A day or so later they installed the Trane unit. On my way home my wife called says there is a leak still. (Appears I did not have a leak at the evaporator.)

The leak was in the copper A/C line. Months prior I windows installed by Ben Hill Renovations headquartered in Douglasville, Ga. their installers nailed through the copper a/c line when putting the siding back up. I paid Reliable Heating & Air $500 additional dollars to repair the a/c lines. I was reimbursed the $500 from Ben Hill. The next day Reliable Heating & Air technicians showed up and repaired the a/c line. He also ended up cutting into one my cabinets in the kitchen. Around 5.18.16 my a/c started blowing hot again. A different technician came inspected and said there is a leak near where they previously did the repair. I believe they had done some type of soldering. I called and they said I needed to have a new line set installed for $400 dollars. A few days later I paid $400 and they put the new line set in.

About a month later in June a/c started blowing hot again. Technician came out told my wife he changed the furnace filter and changed some specs on the unit. Here we are in July 26, 2016 blowing hot again we thermostat is displaying 80 degrees in here. My wife called to schedule a technician out. The customer service representative says the last technician came out and added more Freon. That’s not what the technician told my wife. So another technician came out on 7.25.16 and said the compressor is overheating. All he could do was spray water on it to cool it down. He then called in a warranty tech to come out on 7.27.16. No one showed up on 7.27.16 the customer service representative said the request was cancelled in error. I’m not sure when my a/c will be repaired.

  • Jul 26, 2016

Pilot light would not stay lit in our old furnace. Guy from Reliable came out and went into our crawl space for no more than 5 min. When he came out he said we needed a new furnace for $2000. We said no and had another repair guy from another company come out the following day. He said the gas control valve was faulty but the furnace was still ok and did suggest that within the next couple of years we might consider replacing the whole furnace as it is very old. He then replaced the faulty valve control for $325 and it works perfectly.

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