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RE/MAX Estate Properties

Country United States
State California
City Hermosa Beach
Address 2601 CA-1 #101
Phone 1 310-937-3200

RE/MAX Estate Properties Reviews

  • Nov 5, 2019

Im a Hispanic American and Devra Zandell, Realtor for REMAX/HERMOSA BEACH, CA got me fired and lied to the company I worked for. I did NOTHING wrong, in fact I delivered over 5,000 flyers by hand dalivery for her but because I missed 4 houses she got me fired!!!!!

When I called her she said "I don't talk to 'BEANERS'" so i think she is the rasist kind of person.i think anyweys. my cmpany even offered her a free service and deliver another 5000 flyers for her (at my expsnse) but she only said she just wanted me fired bekause she dont like mexicans.

i lost my job and trying to put my girls threouegh college now cant do it. i think she is not a henost persen. but cant prove it

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