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Raminpour Law, PLC

Country United States
State Virginia
City Vienna
Address 8500 Leesburg Pike Suite 402
Phone 703-942-6464

Raminpour Law, PLC Reviews

  • Sep 12, 2015

I filed what I was told would be a simple Chapter 13 bankruptcy. From the onset, this attorney did not take any of my concerns re my mortgage company seriously. He esxcused every one of their claims as "computer generated" paperwork, not to worry. He filed an amendment with my initials on it, and when I called him on it he told me that i knew...but how COULD I know when I was at work when he submitted the amendment? He HAD told me that he would take care of an issue, but I didnt understand that taking care of an issue and filing an amendment were one and the same. I repeately asked him to ask for validation of my debts, as some of my debts were so old they were probabloy past the statute of limitations, but even if not, I wanted to see proof that I actually owed the debt and that the debt collector had the right to try and collect said debt. Two of my alleged debts had been sold at least twice, and one of those had been sold 3 times by the time I filed. My mortgage servicer changed my mortgage payment 5 times in a two month period, alleging 'arrearages' between $3000 and $19,000, which again, was "computer generated paperwork", not to worry.

I feel that if this attorney had acted more assertively from the onset, rather than ignoring these claims, he could have stopped the servicer in their tracks. But because, as he reminded me, you get what you pay for, "for what I'm being paid, dont expect me to return your weekly emails and/or phone calls".

He offered to step down, and offered to refund me half my monies paid, which I accepted gladly, as I felt I could do better on my own than what he was doing. The offer was in late June, and I STILL havent received my refund.

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