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Queen Chows Pups

Country United States
State California
Phone 707 408 4473

Queen Chows Pups Reviews

  • Sep 14, 2020

SCAMMERS wanted to purchase puppy from queen Told to buy $800.00 pre paid Visa card take pictures of front and back of card and text to him. I said no you deliver to door and I will send it then. Suddenly that’s not possible that’s not the deal. after arguing he had phony cargo dispatcher call me and verify the delivery info but they forgot to supply tracking number. He calls back and says that once you have the tracking number you have to pay me. I said no. No tracking number was given. And deal was deliver to door to assure me that the dog existed and I would pay him immediately.

He got pissed and ran off at the mouth about what great business people they were and his mother would not let him do it that way. Then he said I should go f**k my mother. Great business person. So now I have an $800.00 prepaid card and no puppy but it is better than being out both which is what he planned.

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