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Purebull Reg'd Kennels

Country Canada
City Stirling, Ontario
Address 4105ab Stirling Marmora Rd
Phone 613-553-1178

Purebull Reg'd Kennels Reviews

  • Mar 22, 2018

I am embarrassed to say that we purchased four bulldogs from this woman and only one is alive today. The first bulldog we purchased from her in Bellville he was chipped had papers and a contract signed. He passed away prematurely at six in one day needing a blood tranfussion as his liver shut down. we were devastated but thought well these things can happen.

When I contacted her again she had moved to a farm in stirling and I was totally sucked into the humanitarian act she put on rescuing horses and such. We purchased Roo who she claims is Little Johns Brother and sent a picture of his Father ,which I don't buy I believe the father was Mr. Serious. If you meet this dog in person you can tell there is something wrong with him and Ducky as well but she said she wasnt breeding them. Roo was filled with worms but again I was thinking that with the farm and all, it happens. We lost our other female of old age not purchased through Kcim so we went back and instead of getting one we fell in love with a little girl and bought two. No papers, no contract no chips.

The other two puppies again were filled with worms that we had to deworm them 3times and Otis had a bladder infection. She did tell me and said it was nothing to worry about he was on medication and I could leave him or pick him up. We stupidly picked him up and were grieving horribly from our other two dogs hoping to bring some hapimess back in our lives. Otis never recovered and had an infection for the four months that he lived. Kcim offerred us a dog that she had "rescued" that had cleft palate surgery. Our hearts had been broken and we didnt want anymore sick dogs. Then Roo started vomitting regularley and wouldn't lay down to sleep. He would just fall over. He was very tiny 40 pounds and struggled breathing. He would fall over all night long we took him to three different vets xrays bloodwork and then to Guelph where we spent another 1600.00 but no answers. Sadly Roo just fell over one last time at two and we lost our little wing in October 2017.

Kcim insists all her dogs are healthy but they are not! She advertises like she sells purebreds just by the name but watching her site on facebook she is constantly cross breeding. She is breeding dogs that she knows are sick and we have lost faith in humanity spent over $10,000.00 just in the dogs never mind the three cremations vet bills and pain and suffering of losing them. She seems to have no remorse. After purchasing 4 dogs from her and knowing the issues she offerred us nothing and became very offensive. She has way too many animals period and needs to be reported.

  • Sep 22, 2017

I purchased an English Bulldog puppy in December 2017 from Purebull Reg'd Kennels was told there were no health issues with the puppy and no congenital issues with the parents Little John and Waggs. The puppy can with a one year health guarantee. The first issue can a few weeks later the puppy vomitted tons of worms even though he had been de wormed. Next issue can the puppy had intermittent vomiting and it would take a day or so to feel better. Then the puppy became very sick and almost died from pnemonia as a result of a hiatal hernia where a hole was between his stomach and esophagus ( the first diagnosed congenital abnormality) then he became paralyzed in his hind legs a result of hemivertabrea spine ( second congenital abnormality) The first six months of owning a puppy from Purebull Reg'd Kennels our family spent $10,000 on vet bills surgery, MRI, X-rays, ICU care & oxygen to save his life.

The puppy is still paralyzed in his hind legs and will have life long disabilities. I contacted the breeder to let her know that the puppy had life threatening conditions to get compensation. The health guarantee is to give a replacement puppy after the purchased puppy is returned. In summary there is no health guarantee as families would not return a beloved family pet to get another puppy that could be just as sick. The breeder continues to breed both dogs that she knows resulted in congenital abnomalites in the puppy. The large amount of litters that are being produced on a monthly basis and now known health issues in puppy should be investigated for running a backyard puppy mill.

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