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Psychz Networks

Country United States
State California
City Los Angeles
Address 611 Wilshire Blvd #300
Phone 800-933-1517

Psychz Networks Reviews

  • Dec 31, 2016

BUYER BEWARE - silmy bait and switch methodlogies used by this company. I purchased a hosting service plan. Service did not work reliably. I opened multiple trouble tickets. Finally canceled and did not get my money back

I purchased their hosting vps plan for windows 2012 on 11-1-16 prepaid for the whole year. First complaint sent on 11-16-16 Ticket ID: #234312. Thakare D. L2 support engineer. He responded saying it is working fine. Following few reboots it went back to normal. The server keeps freezing, getting stuck, and we're not able to connect. Next complaint sent 12-1-16 Ticket ID: #234312. In addition to previous issue now the hard disk is full even though nothing was installed on it from our end. Manish P. Technical Support suggested we upgrade. I did not like the slimy approach of bait and switch.

They sell you a package that they know will not work, drag you for over 30days till the money back is expired and then you're stuck with upgrade or losing the money. I will not stand for that. I do not want to upgrade, i used the machine as a remote desktop and if they cannot run windows 2012, why sell them? False advertising! And don't let them tell you that too many resources run on it. We did not run anything on that machine. We use it as a remote desktop to browse the internet. I explained my situation and asked for refund so i can go somewhere else quietly.

My case was escalated to Jimmy Lu Vice President of Operations who had the nerve to say no. They will keep my $159 which I paid for the whole year even though I stopped using it. Shame on them for bait and switch. And Shame on this manager who instead of letting this go, decided it is more important to keep the money and dish this situation publicly. This tells you what type of company they are. Check their yelp and google reviews, I'm not the first one with this issue. People considering doing business with these company should be aware of their slimy methodology, policies and horrible customer service methodology of decision making at their management level.

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