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Psychic - Reddit

Country United States
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Psychic - Reddit Reviews

  • Aug 19, 2017

This particular Reddit site is very bad and dangerous. Many of the psychics are 100 percent fakes and frauds. All of them do not have the true and actual gift of being a psychic of any kind. These are practice psychic readers who simply do not have any gift.

These individuals share users' information and make judgment on their situation. I had one psychic on Reddit who laugh about my situation and said it will never happened. These people are very judgmental in private messages, message thread board, chat, and offline.

To me, Its not always a plesant experience with these chatroom readers and other folks inside. Theres a woman called Belle or something in the chatroom. Lately she has a drama with someone, then she stopped doing readings for everyone. I politely asked her for a reading, but she just ignored me. Two of my friends on this

Two of my friends on this subred were ignored as well.

She just simply ignored us while she was happily talking crappy things openly. Theres another reader( i forgot his name, i just know this reader is a guy) who used to be online very often, but everytime me or my friends asked him for a reading, he would just say craps, but never really did any reading for us. If these peeps just dont want to read for others, then why keep online almost all the time? Like my friends said, it seems they just want to seek for attentions.

Any who, some readers on this sub are really pretty rude. Some never responded. Some peeps on this sub that quite many readers are quite rude or act so weird. I PM a number of readers on the sidebar. Only less than half replied.

If they feel your question is not easy, they might just ignore it. It's happened to me and some peeps i know. Many of these psychics are not truthful at all and give bogus readings. They don't really know what they are actually saying.

One of them even ran off with another user's money and lied about refunding them. So reddit user, Pretty In Pink posted a few days ago on this subreddit that she was taking donation readings. Having had a reading with her before, I went ahead, and she said she would be able to read for me. I ordered something from her Amazon wishlist for her as a donation.

However, I am STILL waiting for my reading from her. I've sent her numerous PM's over reddit and received no response. It's not like she's not active on reddit either, as a quick look at her history shows that she's too busy posting pictures of her body on subreddits. She didn't even refund me. She just deleted her profile.

Also, these readers do spells and curses that don't even work at all. One reader, Sakura50 told individuals she does free "love spells" and 90 percent of the users bought into that when really it is fake. Many of these so-called psychics are manipulating and interferring with universal laws and free-will.

In addition to Pretty In Pink and Sakura 50, here are list of other readers on here that are not good at all:

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