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Psychic Amy @psychicchakrareadings

Country United States
State Washington

Psychic Amy @psychicchakrareadings Reviews

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  • Jan 23, 2019

Psychic amy runs her business primarily through instagram. She claims to specialize in love spells, which should have been my first clue to her work as a scam artist. She is one that did a reading for me after i contacted her via instagram (@psychicchakrareadings) then she pushed me to urgently take care of my aura, karmic history, etc in order to bring my recent ex back to me, as he was my twin flame. To those who have been scammed before, you likely recognize all the red flags. She managed to scam $3500 out of me. I rationalized this as, at least i will have help as a life coach but i truly had hoped for more. She was pushy, manipulative, kicked me while i was down, constantly pushed me in sending more money before what i paid her for was even finished. She claims it’s guaranteed but she fully knows there’s no way for you to get your money back. In fact, after the 6 weeks were up for the $3500 work i paid for/completed in detail, i asked for a refund given it didn’t work And in line with her guarantee); she stopped talking to me. Then proceeded to blame this not working on me getting attitude with her. Not once did i “get attitude”, i simply requested a refund because that’s what she told me in the beginning - that after 6 weeks, if it didn’t work, it was a money back guarantee. Scam artist. Manipulative. A shame to the real work being done by others who uphold their end of the deal. I won’t see any money back and have no evidence thus far that she did anything After all, she never sent receipts or photos like she promised). However i do hope that this helps someone else in not seeking her help and going to someone that is moral, ethical, and true to this awesome work.

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