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Prowler Recovery Inc

Country United States
State Florida
City Davie
Address 4750 Oakes Rd
Phone 1 954-316-7456

Prowler Recovery Inc Reviews

  • Oct 29, 2018


This company does not care about following the Florida chapter 493 laws, rules and regulation that they must obey when repossesion collateral without a court order, MUST BE DONE PEACEFULLY and without any objections from anybody...

On a confrontation with a debtor they call the police, which on a civil matter it's illigal to call police for assistance unless there is a violant situation. they totally Breach the Peace on civil matters... they refuse to drop the car and try another day, by law that's what they are soppose to do, It clearly states it on the "Recovery Handbook" written by our Florida commissioner Adam Putnam.

It's also what they teach you when you take the 40 hour intern training class, however they seem to not care and take advantage of the fact that some police officers are not familiar with the recovery laws..

I's beyond me how this company has not been put out business, they have scammed so many consumers and yet they still keep getting away with it

Something is terribly wrong here, the state needs to step in quick and stop this consumer abuse from continuing to go on day in and day out.

Please see you tube video evidence.

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