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Country Switzerland
City Genève
Address Chemin du Pré-Fleuri, 3 CH-1228 Plan-les-Ouates

ProtonMail Reviews

  • Oct 14, 2018

Over one year ago, I began using Protonmail for my consulting business email account. During this time, I accumulated over 100 emails related to my business and stored them within their system. All of a sudden, without warning, Protonmail shut off my account and accused me of spamming. This took me completely by surprise as I do not even know how to spam anyone. They claimed to have spam emails sent from my account but would not provide me with any evidence.

They refused me access only to get my stored emails and they keep sending me insulting emails trumpeting their superior system and refusing to admit they made a mistake. I am a victim of their ridiculous insinuations that are absolutely not true. Their company is reprehensible and they hide behind the fact they are located out of the country. They apparently do not answer to any regulatory authority in this country. BEWARE AND DO NOT EVER OPEN AN EMAIL ACCOUNT WITH THESE CROOKED PEOPLE.

  • May 26, 2018

Criminal Hackers. Proton email promises much, but instead they are a group of criminal hackers. The email they offer has a lot of technical problems (don't size up and cut parts of the email, can't label spam or junk etc. etc.), but that is not the worst part.

Because of all the technical problems I had with proton email service, when presented with an invoice for renewal I told proton that I would not renew the service,(with that in mind I sent about 10 emails to my personal and reliable email). Those were emails from my attorney and contained documents.

Those documents and emails never arrived, but worst, now in posession of both my private email and the name of my attorney and his private email, my IP number PROTON company went to my private email and erased 100 documents received from my attorney and stored in this other email. All because I didn't want to renew a service with an incompetent company.

But perhaps, this should happen so that I could report those thugs and hackers so that someone else woudln't have to go through what I had gone through. PROTON tech support is comprised of vicious hackers, and I had to beefed up the security in my computer because of Proton.

If you don't renew your proton account, that is what you get as a consequence, proton will erase all your emails from their server before due date, and will come to your computer and erase documents from your other emails server as well. Real crooks, who apply the worst kind of blackmail to stay in business.

Once you sign to their service, they'll have your IP number and in my case even an alternative email, which they used criminally to harm me just because I didn't want to renew my account with an email server that provides nothing but chaos.

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