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Protective Life Corporation

Country United States
State Alabama
City Birmingham
Address P.O. Box 12687
Phone 1-800-866-9933

Protective Life Corporation Reviews

  • Jan 17, 2018

1-11-2018 Posting to PLIC web site

I paid premiums to this company for seven years, never missing or being late the entire time. My wife passed away on 12-15-2017. I contacted them that same day. Because I could not produce a copy of the policy, I was told I could not submit the claim on line and had to do so via mail. I mailed the complete application, including all requested documents on 12-21-2017. I was told that if the documents were in order, and the payment was approved, it would be paid in 7 - 10 business days. I heard nothing by Jan. 2, 2018 so I called. I was told the documents were received and everything seemed in order, and that if approved I could expect payment by 1-10-18 (20 calendar days after mailing).

On 1-8-18 I receive an email that the W9 I completed did not contain my social security number so the claim cannot be processed, even though my correct social security number was included on the application. I completed another W9 and sent it in that evening. I have communicated with three representatives of Protective Life Insurance (including a supervisor) who all say the same thing. Your claim will be paid 7 - 10 working days from approval of documents, and because the social security number was not repeated on the W9 that the 7 -10 business day delay starts over. Unbelievable that it took 18 days for this company to "notice" that the social security number was only listed once instead of twice, and that the only recourse is for a new form to be submitted and their "7 - 10 business days" counter to be started over. It appears that delaying payment, and quoting "standard" delays, is a common tactic used by this company to hold onto the money as long as possible.

The only reason to purchase Life Insurance is to be paid in the event of death. This company appears to not be happy with the profit they make by collecting more in premiums than paying in benefits, but rather wants to hold your money as long as possible to earn interest on money that is no longer theirs. Stick with a reputable life insurance company. Don't buy from these people, or their affiliates, unless you don't care if your claim is paid in a timely manner. Shame on you, Protective Life Insurance Company. You should be aware that these policies are purchased to cover costs such as end of life medical, loss of income, and viewing, funeral, and burial expenses. These expenses are incurred prior to, and immediately following, death. Holding on to beneficiaries money for over a month when all information was provided in 6 days is not honoring your obligations in good faith. In 7 years, you never once failed to take the monthly payments from my bank account on time, but when it is your turn to pay, you need over a month. Increasing your profit margin by delaying the only benefit you provide is simply wrong.

1-16-2018 Follow up

Following my 1-11-18 posting, I received two phone calls and three emails from Protective Life Insurance Representatives.

I was told at 9:50 am on 1-12-18 that a check would be sent overnight. It is now 2:50 pm on 1-16-18 and I have received no check, phone call, or correspondence of any kind since 1-12-18, in spite of my daily requests for an update on the status of my claim.

  • Apr 11, 2017

I and my wife were owners of 4 term life policies with PROTECTIVE for over 25 years and NEVER made a payment late. Two of the policies came to term in recent year which 2 remain active with 7 years remaining. At 77 years of age, I am still working as a general contractor building homes, and am extremely healthy ( I eat organic and am always active) No meds, and have never had a health issue except for a cataract removal in 2012. I never needed a doctor, in my life except for flu one time, but I do have a PCP and have had same one for over 25 years.

Before cataract surgery I was required to have an cardiac EKG workup, which I did and was cleared for surgery. Nothing was ever required after that and NEVER heard back from my PCP office. 5 YEARS LATER (2017) after a regular monthly payment was sent, my life became hectic during a move, 2 homes under construction, and a family death, and I never checked to see if they received that months payment, which I always do on a monthly basis via internet. Upon making the next months payment it was denied. When I called the company, they said that account was terminated. After researching, I told them I see that a payment was not received but I would forward the payment as of urgent matter immediately but they declined. I had to file for reinstatement, to which I did and was assigned an agent, Valerie Gore. After many weeks of wondering what was going on, and emails sent to her, (over 25 emails) was always told “it is in process.” Only after I wanted to talk to underwriters, weeks later again, immediately I hear back that the underwriters say “my doctor said “THEY HAVE NO PATIENT BY YOUR NAME”. After I proved them wrong another couple weeks go by and then I hear back that “YOUR DOCTOR HAS NO RECORDS ON YOU” maybe you were seen at another office?.

I then set up a conference call with Protective (they didn’t know) and my doctor,only to find out A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT STORY (I have insisted hard copy email from them stating that Protective was lying to me and they never gave them ANY INFORMATION STATING THAT I WAS NOT THEIR PATIENT and PROTECTIVE was sitting on information for weeks that they did not act on until I threatened to call my doctor about them. My doctor did tell PROTECTIVE “if PROTECTIVE want info on this patient you must pay a fee” and gave me all correspondence between them and PROTECTIVE and clearly shows PROTECTIVE stalling and lying. (I have copies) They simply didn’t want to pay for my records. After weeks later, yet again after I demanded an answer, Valerie Gore states the reinstatement is complete and determination will follow via mail and I did get a letter in the mail but it stated “we are still working on it”.

Today, two weeks later, received letter stating that they are DECLINING for these reasons: They (Protective) say that there was a cardiac evaluation ordered 5 years ago and I never had it (who in the world would have been told by their doctor that there is a cardiac issue but ignores it!!!….It simply didn’t happen. Albeit, I did have cardiac evaluation BEFORE the cataract surgery. They (Protective) go on to say that I had a lack of routine healthcare. WTF!!! Im healthy…why would I need to see a doctor!!!

THIS POLICY HAS 7 YEARS LEFT and I purchased this and paid for it along with another policy (plus two additional ones for my wife) faithfully for over 25 years and CHOSE PROTECTIVE TO GIVE MY MONEY TO. If something should happen to me unexpectedly my younger wife would have a policy to take care of obligations and get herself settled. Because of one simple payment not received by them and not checked by myself, PROTECTIVE ARBITRARILY CANCELS THE POLICY. REINSTATE!! NO WAY SAYS PROTECTIVE!!!……WHY? BECAUSE YOU HAVE LACK OF ROUTINE HEATHCARE!!! MAKE UP ANYTHING YOU WANT PROTECTIVE…. I am still working and healthy at 77 but YOUR SIMPLE IDIOTIC UNDERWRITERS choose to ignore that. PROTECTIVE!!! YOU GOT MY MONEY FOR OVER 25 YEARS BUT NOW DENY my wife peace of mind IN CASE I DIE!!!! Which YOU …PROTECTIVE …..ARE BANKING ON DUE TO MY AGE. HENCE, A REINSTATEMENT WOULD PREVENT YOU FROM GETTING OUT OF PAYING A CLAIM.. HEY PROTECTIVE UNDERWRITERS!!! HOW MUCH WAS YOUR BONUS FOR DENYING MY POLICY REINSTATEMENT!!. I am going to the attorney general office, our local television, the better business and put this all over the internet. PROTECTIVE!!!, you are going to wish I was a sickly OLD B****** READY TO “KICK THE BUCKET”. Anyone wanting to see emails, let me know....

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