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Prospect Finance Corporation

Country United States
State Florida
City West Palm Beach
Address 1495 Forest Hill Blvd # C
Phone 561-642-8744

Prospect Finance Corporation Reviews

  • Feb 17, 2017

I have 2 cars through them on 2 different accounts, I have one for 300.00 & the other 380.00 they have started from the start with calls and letters saying we need proof on insurance which the insurance company has faxed, plus my husband has hand given them almost twice monthly for the past year. They claim they never get them and then charge us 50.00 on top for not having it when i DO! They then have added the late fees & letter fees from the 300.00 car (nissan) onto my Charger now making my payment 529.99 of which I can not afford, they have put the last four months of payments for the Chargers payments which is 380 onto the Nissan so what I should be paid on for My Charger is on my husbands nissan and i still owe more than i should. They have basically told me tough crap and refuse to fix the wrong they have caused. Now if I turn these cars in the creidt i have worked so hard to bring up for myself will be ruined yet they are calling or sending threating letters daily/monthly.

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