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Professional TV Installer

Country United States
State Florida
City Miami
Phone (844) 484-1348

Professional TV Installer Reviews

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  • Jun 13, 2017

I tried them out as a subcontractor. ALL the rip off reports and complaints are true. I witnessed them steal customers money and saw the way they talk to and treat them when they seek resolution. All the while wasting my time by scheduling appointments that could not be completed. They have "terminated" my contract at least 3 times but then keep offering work. I foolishly chased the carrot for a little while before I wised up.

Now they are threatening and harassing me for trying to get the word out. Threatening legal action. I have told them to spend the money to sue me as I would love to see their face in court while my documented PROOF evidence will send them packing. I have documented my experience here: And here: I just want to raise awareness. STAY AWAY!

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  • Mar 13, 2018


I called (844) 484-1348 and agreed on a price for my tv installation, but hen I saw my credit card statement, they had charged me $60.00 more than agreed. I called the number showing on the credit card statement, (866) 240-1161 and there was a non-professional recording instructing me to leave my number and reason for my call, it sounded like my 17 year old female neighbor (professional wise). I tried calling again several times, and every time my calls were cancelled and automatically dropped and disconnected. I blocked my number, called again, and like magic my call went through, hhhmmm, only to hear again the non professional recording sounding like om my 17 year old neighbor. I called the same number when I sat the appmt, (844) 484-1348, and nobody knew anything of course. At this point, they left me no choice than to contact my bank and dispute these charges, they can fight it out with my bank, they burden of proof is on them. These people are shady and fraudulent. DO NOT HIRE also known as $99 TV INSTALL. THEY WILL RIP YOU OFF!!!. The only good experience I had was with the contractor, he was great and nothing to do with the company, in fact, he is trying to detach from this company as it is creating a horrible reputation for his business.

  • Mar 6, 2018


I had a technician reschedule 4 different times. The final time he spent 3 hours at my house, drilled one hole in the wall, claimed he didn't have the right equipment. Then he left and said he could be back tomorrow at any time. I called him at 8am and scheduled him to be there at 9am. At 11:30am he was still not there!!! I messaged him and told him to cancel. I called the company yesterday morning to cancel it completely. Now I am getting harassing text messages about how I will be turned over to collections if I don't pay a 50% cancellation fee. Whoever is texting me does not know the laws at all. I have reported to the BBB as well. DO NOT HIRE THIS SCAM OF A COMPANY!!!!

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  • Dec 20, 2017

3 No Shows in a ROW!

Enough said. The first two was a car breakdown, supposedly the same person, today's was a sick daughter.

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  • Dec 9, 2017

Horrible company

This company is awful. We scheduled for a tech to come out at 10am. By 10:30, we called to see where they were. They said the tech has a flat tire but didn’t bother to call and tell us. They have no one else to come to our house. Gave us the run around for hours. The guy on the phone was incredibly rude, somehow frustrated with us!!! After we hadn’t heard for 2 hours, I called again for an update. He yells at me, says “I’m cancelling your order” and hung up on me.


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  • Oct 4, 2017

Stay away from this company professionaltvinstaller

I hire this company to install a tv , the supposed to be professional installer had no clue on what he was doing. He damaged my living room wall by drilling into my kitchen wall, he also crack the screen of my tv , i had to ask the guy to leave. I proceeded to file a complaint with the company and all they do is to pass the ball around and not taking responsibility for the so guarantee job,they refuse to answer emails , phone calls . They are refusing to pay for the damages and they have the courage that because they are from another state i can not sue then in small claims court. This is very frustrating that this people think they can ripoff people that hire them in good faith . And also the technician stole my measuring tape that he asked to borrow because he wasn't prepared for the job. Please every one stay away from this company. If any one has any information about them please shared it. This job was done in Rego Park NY on Friday September 29 2017

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  • Mar 10, 2018

Total scam

We hired this company. They use people that have no idea what they are doing. Showed up with no tools in a Uber car late. Spent until 11:30PM making a mess of our walls and home. Had no clue what he was doing. Found out they fired him when he was done BUT they would not come and check his poor work or do anything about the damage to our wall. They never call you back and want to argue with you. They gouged it’s on the price and refused to provide any customer service. DO NOT hire this company to do anything. They are 100% scam and take advantage of you.

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