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Professional Credit Service

Country United States
State Washington
City Vancouver
Address 12204 SE Mill Plain Blvd, Ste. 101
Phone 888 888 1992

Professional Credit Service Reviews

  • Jun 15, 2017

This company scamed and tpok advantage pf me and my critical hardship situation and convinced me and guaranteed me of financial support that i was seeking, to send them $39.95 for beginning the services they provided and a $150 processing fee for the loan they had no intentions on giving to me.

  • Oct 27, 2015

In 2011 I became extremely ill and had to go to St Charles hospital in Bend Oregon. At this time i was uninsured and taken off of work permanently and told to file disability. I had accrued a large medical bill from St Charles due to this emergency and because they only had GI Dr's from Bend Memorial Clinic at the time I had also accrued a bill from Bend Memorial Clinic. As soon as i received the bill from St Charles I notified them of my situation and went through the process of much paperwork so they could write off my bill. I received a bill from Bend Memorial Clinic a few months later and I notified them of my medical and financial situation. I was told that in order to write off my bill I had to have tax information for them so I told them as soon as my taxes were finished for the previous year that i would give them the information. When I notified Bend Memorial Clinic about the previous years tax information i was told it was too late and they had already sent my medical bill to collections.

I have spent the last few years notifying each collection agency that has dealt with this bill about my physical and financial situation and they have left me alone and transferred my bill to yet another collection agency. Now I just received a Notice of Entry of Judgment from Deschutes County Circuit Court stating that I have lost in small claims court and now have a lien against me.

I was never notified that Ray Klein Inc. was in charge of my medical bill nor was I ever notified of a court date to attend. This company is a giant scam. They do not abide by our laws in any way shape or form. If I had been notified of a court date I would have appeared and tried to defend myself but this did not happen and the only notification I have received is the notification of this sudden lien against me. Please be aware of Ray Klein Inc and how they work.

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