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Pro Vapor E Cigs

Country United States
State Missouri
City Saint Louis
Address 415 Bussen Underground
Phone 1-866-830-2464

Pro Vapor E Cigs Reviews

  • Dec 25, 2017

I order a trial vapor e cig kit for 4.95 shipping and handling on Dec. 7 2017 and it said I would recieve it in 2 days. I recieved it 6 days later but they took 4.95 right away with in 10 minutes. Then On DEc. 21 my banks fraud dept. calls and says they are trying to take 99.95 from me and I had no idea. Thank goddness the bank did not pay them and gave me thier number so I called right away. Well they said it was time for more stuff and I said I didn't ask for it, and at that price I don't want it.

Then they offer me a discount price and I said I already have a e-cig company I deal with for less money and they were ripping me off. Don't touch my bank account again and I don't want to do service with you anymore. The person keep trying to talk me in to it and I hung up. I go to my e-mail after call and they sent me a e-mail about how they were sending a return shipping label to me to send the stuff back. I sent one back saying I was not returning anything back, I haven't heard anything since. There ad said and I have it in writing from if I wasn't happy with it I could send it back and I didn't say that.

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