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  • May 13, 2018

Tom Lucky is a Scam Artist.

I'm a professional petitioner who worked with Tom Lucky on a number of petition campaigns in MO from mid-April to early May 2018. He still owes me approximately $3000 as a result of my production and says that he's not going to pay me so I should sue him. So that's what I'm going to be doing. This is after he texted me last week saying checks were going out. Clearly a dishonest attempt to buy some time.

I write this to help others who may be thinking a petition gig is just what they need to make a few bucks and maybe it is, but there are unscrupulous people (this is politics after all) that will rip you off. Tom Lucky, Buddie T Nichols, Pro Petitioners will all rip you off in my estimation as that's what they did to me.

On April 16, 2018 I texted Tom regarding the gig in MO and reviewed the details with Tom which I wrote (verbatim): "Just to confirm, there's $14 otb currently, & you're booking/covering rt flight (returning 5/6 to Denver), hotel, and car rental (van), and you're offering a .50/sig override for helping coach/chauffeur others around in the van, and I'm paid 2X weekly. If all that is correct & agreed to by you, I'm ready to fly out tomorrow." Tom replied with a "thumbs up" emoji and wrote "Correct" in response. So I went to MO to work on the basis of this written agreement.

Tom never once paid me a penny of the override he agreed to. I even recruited people to come in and work on the campaign for which I was also never compensated. He also failed to pay for my flight back home - he just left me there stranded in MO. That happened to others too and I'm not in a position to where I need to worry about being homeless, but that's not the case for others and he screwed a lot of people bad in MO with his lies and dishonesty.

Tom paid 50% of signatures at the first few turn-ins. On May 2, my last turn-in, Tom gave me $40 cash and said he'd take care of the rest tomorrow (because he was tired...or whatever the excuse). Then Buddie "Tom" Nichols "Lucky" disappeared the next morning with everyone's signatures and people (like me) are still waiting to be paid.

I've personally spoken to and met in person directly with the proponents of some of these initiatives and know Tom has been dishonest and has staged fights to create drama/distraction for his escape with the petitioners' paychecks.

Tom, in my opinion, is a thoroughly dishonest individual and owes me approximately $3000 on my signatures, and much more in overrides.

As a professional petitioner, I was aware he'd pulled shenanigans like this before, and I took the gig at my own risk, and I got burned.

Now I'll be wiping up the courtroom floor with him.

So I just wanted to give others a heads-up that Tom Lucky is...who he is.

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