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Pro Glass Corporation

Country United States
State Illinois
City Bristol
Address 9318 Corneils Road
Phone 630-553-3141

Pro Glass Corporation Reviews

  • Jan 19, 2017

Called this company to build me a set of high quality Lexan windows for a 1970 Plymouth Cuda. They said the do street vehicles all the time and nobody does it likr them. They claimed the had the pattern on hand for my windows so i went ahead with the order. The next day they called me back to ask me to send them my side glass which consisted of 4 pieces: 2 side door glass and 2 quarter windows. i paid to have them shipped there as I borrowed OEM glass from a friend who was ever so kind to help me out.

The window set arrived as my build was in the bodyshop for paint however no original glass was returned except for 1 side glass piece??? ... I phoned and was told yes we will send it out.. As the build went on and a month or so passed I called again and emailed with no return call or email. I did finally get a hold of the owner Bob Mayerle for instruction on the windshield install as they would be urethaned in place and again asked where the original glass was and he said he was looking for it.. The build was now in final stages and ready for the side door glass and quarter glass install and during the process the molds were 1 inch more curvature than need and were not even close to fitting.

I called Bob and Debbie Mayerle to explain the situation and after 4 calls I finally got Bob on the phone who said I''ll call you tommorrow with a solution. The call never came.. I called back to speak with Debbie (his wife) and explained i need help here I spent $1600 + on windows and they don't fit and you still have not sent me my originals back ?? What is going on ?? Debbbie said we will refund you on the sid windows no problem..

It has been a month with no refund as I have sent emails and left messages with no reply.... Well I only want to to tell my story of the company PRO GLASS WINDOWS BRISTOL ILLINOIS are SCAMMERS and they stole my side glass and their products and customer servic SUCKS!!!!

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