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Private Investigation Detectives

Country United Kingdom
State England
City Romford
Address 26 Oak House, Cottons Approach
Phone 07715 683 983

Private Investigation Detectives Reviews

  • May 16, 2017

I contacted William Harris to see if he could retrieve information from my boyfriend's phone as i am three months pregnant and wanted to feel reassured in securing a future with him. William said he could 100% do this as he specializes in this on a daily basis. I was a little concerned as this would cost me £300 and i didnt have much money but i needed the reassurance as this was my whole future ahead of me. He insisted that he would not take money off me knowing he could not do it and knowing i am pregnant and did not have much money. He was that confident that he said he would refund me if it did not work out. So i went ahead and made the transaction. He said this would take not longer than a week. I waited a week and nothing, I began chasing him up until over two weeks later and he finally said he could not do it. He made an excuse saying this was because he had security on his phone, which i knew full well he did not. Then he said its because he is pay as you go, which he failed to inform me before i paid that this could cause a problem. He said he would refund me and i have not received a penny! I have been chasing him ever since and now he said he is ringing the police for harrassment and he said he would call my boyfriend and threaten to tell him if i dont stop ringing!! This is absolutely disgusting and shocking and most of all unprofessional!! Please do not give this guy any money, he is a fraud and all mouth, do not make the same mistake i did. He is on companies house so i thought it meant he was legit. Clearly not. and the good reviews on his website are created by him!! I have seen other reviews about him and and he changes his company name allot so that police are unable to get him done for fraud!!!

  • May 7, 2016

I hired Robert Singer of P.I.D Consultants Ltd to locate someone for me (to do a trace), I only had a first name and birthdate/year but Robert advised me that he could 100% guarantee that this person could be found. I was from another country so I did search out a few different PI companies before deciding to go with him due to his guarantee.

We emailed back and forth, he made me feel comfortable and ensured me that he would find him.. always answering emails, but as soon as we agreed on a price and i did a wire transfer (bank transfer ) of funds.. i heard NOTHING from him. I emailed every couple days, trying to get an update on status of search. No responses to email.

Finally after a week, I had enough of his ignoring me, so I emailed and let him know that i was filing a formal complaint. And lo and beyold I got an email back right away stating that he was "literally about to send off the information to me as he found the person i was looking for" back and forth emails happened all day.. and STILL he would not release the information to me. Then stating that because i had heard from another PI that Robert had scammed others.. Robert would not give me the info on my searched person until i gave the name of the other firm who said they had heard similar stories about PID.

Emails back and forth again with Robert... and STILL no information given even though he CLAIMED to have found my guy... i have asked for my money back.. which then he responded that i short changed him by 12 pounds.. so because i have all the documentation from my bank showing that i transferred the FULL amount we agreed on i am assuming that his bank charged him for the transfer... either way... this man REFUSES to give me any information on my searched person and also refuses to send money back... so what does the 100% guarantee stand for ????? NOTHING.

I then tried calling him.. as soon as he heard it was me he said he was on another line and would call me back... two hours later and he still has not returned my call.. i then tried calling him again and it goes straight to voice mail... i have sent one last email ... asking for the info or to have my money returned and still no response.. so here i am ... warning others so that they are not taken advantage of ...

His website states he deals with empathy, understanding and professionalism... but i have not seen any of that.. sure he has great testimonials on his page.. but who wrote them???

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